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I had to make a major warranty claim for my 1.5 year old (36000 mile) Evo 8 recently and thought I would share the tale as it's a little more heartwarming than the usual 'clutch' claims we read on here.

2 months ago a screw worked loose from the throttle-body in my FQ and got sucked into the engine with catastrophic results:

Destroyed turbo
Trashed piston
Scored head
Smashed valves
Scored bore

Within one day Mitsu had agreed the work and Brighton Mitsu got on with the work. In the end the car received new:

Short motor
Oil and water pumps

As a gesture of goodwill Brighton changed all the belts (saving me some hassle at the 40000 mile service) and fitted some new rear pads for me. I had to rent a car for 10 days (about 450ukp) as I was not able to get to my London 'pad' to collect vehicle number two, but Kevin at Brighton said that he imagines Mitsu will refund this for me and will assist me in the process.

So, all in all, I feel this is a very satisfactory outcome in my case and I didn't really suffer much inconvenience or hassle from Mitsubishi at all.

Always good to hear the positive stories too I think :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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