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I thought I might post some pics and info about my current car and the slow but sure transformation.., I am always doing something to it :lol: I may also regularly post some pics and Video of Track days.

I'm now back living in Japan permanently and have had this Evo (my second) since November 2009. I also now have a Blog about my activities and general car stuff in Japan

The 'theme' of this car is "Maximum gains from minimum mods" ; getting the best out of what is there and keeping it as 'streetable' and reliable as possible.

As there were only 212 of these red ones made, I intend to keep it as original as possible and not do or add anything that cannot be simply undone or removed where ever possible. All original parts that have been removed are safely packed away in case they ever go back on the car.

It seems to have been one owner as all the service records were at the same place.

Car came new optioned with Ralliart Intercooler Piping and Suction kit, battery relocation kit. Ralliart / Samco hoses, Ralliart rear Strut Brace, Ralliart stainless exhaust system, Ralliart front LSD, Ralliart Oil and Radiator filler caps, Ralliart Temp Volt Boost gauge set, and Ralliart Mud flaps.
The original owner also fitted a JSpeed ECU, & cat back exhaust.

*The following spec and mod lists I will keep up to date and current on this page*

ENGINE and SUPPORTING MODS (mostly done by myself):
J-Speed ECU with Anti Lag option (mild setting)
J-Speed Turbo Dump (twin pipe) + 3" Front pipe
EXAS Evo tune 80mm stainless cat back and muffler
BLITZ EBC running 1.5 Bar boost
TOMEI Poncam 260 Camshafts
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
HKS SuperFire Racing plugs (9 heat range)
OKADA Plasma Direct Coils
CUSCO 2ltr competition oil catch tank
HKS Oil cooler kit 210x200mm core + AN10 Aeroquip fittings
TOMEI Blow off valve (Evo VIII MR type)
Walbro 255 fuel pump
MonsterSport Carbon fibre Airbox with 120mm cold air feed from bumper
HPI Air Filter
Custom Earthing kit
Engine Torque Damper
De-Cat pipe

Everything else is standard, I have not had the head or sump off of it. The Turbo is a new, standard RS TD05-16GHRA.
The last tune (before fitting the uprated Coils which made a noticeable difference) produced 376.6hp at the wheels and 355 lb ft at 3967rpm at the wheels (Japan Hi Octane fuel) running 1.5 bar boost (450/430 at the flywheel), with the engine now at 94,000+ klms.

DRIVE TRAIN etc, (all done since I got it):
EXEDY Metal racing clutch (single)
Beatrush short throw Gear shift lever and nolothane shift bushes
OHLINS PCV coilovers + Eibach 12kg/10kg springs
CUSCO adjustable rear Stabiliser Bar,
CUSCO front under braces versions 1 & 2
CUSCO trunk brace.
DIXCEL Heavy Duty slotted brake rotors front and rear.
ENDLESS CC38 /MX-72 brake pads + ENDLESS RF-650 fluid
Ralliart Stainless brake lines
ADVAN Neova AD08 tyres in 235/45 17 on the standard TME wheels.

'Other Stuff':
Ralliart Gear knob
Ralliart Pedal set
OMP WRC Steering wheel
OMP VID 2 Driver's seat
SABELT 3" 4 point harness
PZ Racing 2 stage Shift light
Remote Battery Kill switch
Carbon Fibre cambelt and plug covers, Carbon Fibre Radiator brackets, and a few other bits
Pioneer Stereo and Alpine Speakers
Vanner 30mm lowered seat rails
1.5kg Fire Extinguisher
PIAA Arrow Start White Headlight Bulbs
20mm Wheel Spacers & OMP FIA Tow Hook for Track days
Covered the dashboard with Alcantara 'suede' and other interior mods
Also I replaced the Intercooler, Intercooler hoses and clamps with all brand new old stock Ralliart parts. Originals kept as spares.

Servicing is done by Ralliart in Kawasaki:
Tuning is done by Garage G-Force:
Wheel alignments, Drivetrain, and suspension work are done at Anzai Works Gravel & Tarmac Specialists in Kamakura (20 years Works Ralliart WRC Team Mechanic).

This is it about a month after I bought it. The very first thing I did when I got it, was take it to Ralliart and get all fluids front to back changed, new Spark Plugs, and the all important MITSUBISHI sticker on the windscreen.

Ohlins PCV suspension and restored wheel wells.

Interior is in really good condition, I covered the dashboard with Alcantara 'suede', and laminated some panels from a spare dash I have with real Carbon Fibre.
Steering wheel is an OMP 'WRC'.

I have done a fair bit of detailing and it still needs work , but i'm pretty happy with it so far :)
Airbox is carbon fibre with a big direct cold air intake running from bumper inlet hole. Radiator cooling panel is also Carbon sheet.

Beatrush short throw gearshift. Tall lever and leaning toward driver, very nice bit of gear.

With super low position seat rails.

Hardly used.

Factory option Gauges, Blitz Boost Controller with carbon plate I made.

Mobara Circuit 2010.

Even still today, the grin is never far from my face with this car

Tsukuba Circuit complex short course, Japan 2012.

With Tarzan Yamada after we went for a few (very) hot laps in my car at a track day during summer 2012.

Tsukuba main Track 2013.


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Thanks all for the nice comments :blush:

Brilliant car, subtle yet effect changes. Meeting Tarzan must have been cool!
Thanks! Yes, I have met Tarzan a few times. He is a really really nice guy, as many of the Pro Drivers here seem to be. They are often at organised events where they will go with you in your car and give pointers, but always seem quite approachable.

Lucky Nv said:
That beatrush short throw gearshift looks pretty cool, it must have felt very nice and smooth changing throw the gears.
Most track Evo's over here run them. Much longer than the stock lever yet the throw is about 30% shorter.

A few more random shots :)


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Lucky Nv yes they are exactly the same. The only CT that can't use them is the 6 speed.

The reason they only list them as for CP9A is because it will fit inside the standard console and boot (just :p), where as with a CT9A you would have to remove / change the boot and modify the console. The CT 5 speed , mounting etc. is all exactly the same as CP.

The quality is awesome:

Next to the EBay short throw shift lever it replaced:


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A side project I have been working on, restoring an old OMP Race seat :)

I never intended to use anything other than the original Makinen Recaros as I think they are the best looking seats ever, are very comfortable, and are a trademark of the car.

However, with the amount of track work I am now doing, there are several advantages to a proper Race seat, and I also am worried that the Makinen drivers seat will start to deteriorate too much.

The seat I got is a period correct (important to me) OMP VID 2. Very light at only 5.6 kg as I got it (listed at 5.3~5.7kg). It was in a Group N Rally car and looked to be in quite poor condition. However as they only wanted about £60 for it to get it out of the workshop, I had had my eye on it for months and in the end thought I may as well grab it, and if it doesn't clean up well, I will have a cool Office Chair anyway.

VERY dusty!! ...and looked terrible :blah:

The back was painted in a horrible silver metalflake...and the cover was coming off..

Ok so I was intending just store the seat away and one day get a new cover professionally made, but thought what the hell I might wash it and if i'm lucky I might get away with just dyeing it as for the most part the Nomex material itself was in excellent condition (aside from the area they all wear through on the right hand side bolster and a couple of very small holes).

So I got a 500ml can of upholstery cleaner and emptied it onto the seat, let it soak for an hour or so, then removed the cover and washed it in the bathtub.

I couldn't believe the amount of dirt that came out of it.., but even better was how clean it became. When it was dry I could see that the colour was all uniform and probably wouldn't even need to be dyed, so after a test fit back on the seat, I removed it and washed it one more time.
I inspected the back and inside of the bucket, and it is in perfect condition with no cracks or dings anywhere. Bonus!

So, I had 3 choices as to what to do with the back (wasn't going to leave it silver , it would look so out of place in my car).

Cover it in Carbon fibre, cover it in fake Carbon fibre, or paint it black.
I decided to paint it black.

I repaired the area that had worn through by sticking some Alcantara material I had left over from when I covered my dash, on the inside. It will stop any more wear in the short term and looks much better. When I find some suitable material, I will also make some patches / pads to go on the top to finish it off and also protect it.

I then refitted the upholstery and gave it a very quick polish with a simple spray polish.

I had ordered some new Seat Cushions and an OMP seat sticker also.

And... this is how it all turned out!! Not quite 'good as new', but close enough for a fussy bugger like me. Will see how it stands up to use and if it needs a reupholster down the track then so be it. But for the small cost and a bit of time invested, i'm pretty chuffed with it for now:crackup: I am just waiting on some new mounts as the OMP ones I bought are too high.

With all the cushions it only weighs 6.0kg

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