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Hi guys..i'm a new user
I start the thread to my ex Audi S3 2.0 TFSI Quattro...i have mod whit all parts on the commerce and more parts i have project by cad and create by my friend Enrico Scaravelli @Scara73
i have on this car 350 HP and 510 Nm
intake manifold,exchaust,ecu mod,air filter intercooler all pipe...more more parts brembo gt brake...all parts for extreme trackday performance :lol:

At 17 years i have looked my first evo 8 and is love at first time :googoo: but the age is not perfect for the first car

On the mid of 2013 i like to buy and evolution but my girfriend not like this car :wallbang:
On January my ****ing ex girlfriend go out whit stupid apology..and from this girl i have treason whit my ****ing ex friend...but on january star my new life
i search my dream of the life...a lancer evolution..not important the version rs/gsr/mr/fq 7/8/ indifferent but is an evo :smthumbup
i find an used evolution 9 on italy imported from luxemburg...and is love at first more optional radio...stop...perfect for track :mhihi:
and i have buyed yesterday...the perfect day for a wedding date...happy valentine's lancer :lol:

shortly i post the photo:
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