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My name is Lisa (24) and since one month I am a proud owner of an EVO IV.

I bought it in germany and before it was three years in UK.
It's from 1996 a GSR but from weight it was build to RS Version.
It is my first EVO.
Now we are fixing the underbody because of some rust ...

here are some Pics:

and one with me:

kindest regards from germany ;)

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Wilkommen - I see you are Bavarian? I love that part of Germany. The roads around Neuburg and Shrobenhausen, Augsburg, etc ....proper Evo territory! Enjoy the :mitsi:

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Hello Guys ;)

i am not from bavaria but I live there at the moment.

some news about my Evo:

Now I have german papers and can drive legal on our streets.
so far I have changed the oil, battery, tires, brake pads & disks, seats to original recaro, coolant, cambelt, timing belt, pulley, Sparco seatbelts, spark plug cover

I removed the shift light and big tachometer
also completely removed was the air conditioning system ( it was not completely removed from the pre-owner)

The AVCR was relocatet

I spent him a professional Interiour cleaning

still to install I have a rear strut brace and wheel wells (they are completely missing :D )

I went to weight station full tanked and it was 1350 kg

oh the Dyno we have 318PS but my mapping is not finished. we just removed mistakes and bad adjustments of the pre owner

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