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Not posted up any progress over the last 7 months of my car, i've put alot of hard work and hours into my car over the winter. Now she's all done i thought i would share my sweat and tears i shed over the winter! :mhihi:

First off sorry about the quality of some of the Pictures, i was working so my iPhone had to suffice, but you can still see what's happening :smthumbup

Ok so before she came off the road this is how my car looked.


Firstly Underseal

Now anyone contemplating doing a proper job and not just blasting everything, i would reccoment don't do it :mhihi: :mhihi: It's a NIGHTMARE.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, I used Dinitrol, i bought the whole kit with the rust convertor, Cavity wax, and underseal.

I don't drive the car in the rain, and it may be over the top, but i know what happens to these shells. And i want to keep mine mint.

The kit:

Using the rust convertor:

And underseal:


Cleaned Heatshield:

While i was doing the underseal i had a few other changes:

Whiteline ARB:

Adjustable drop links, and i also polybushed the car and cleaned all arms etc:

Just a load of shots of rebuild etc:

Few powdercoated bits:

(fuel pipe cover and front bumper bracket's)

I also cleaned + sprayed all bolts.

Engine Mount:

I think that is everything for underneath the car. Next up was the headlights, pretty simple job tbh.

Look's so much meaner IMO.

Next up i fitted a Ross Sport JMF 02 Dump,

This pipe is pure porn and the welds etc are spot on, didn't really want to fit it where its not on show :mhihi: :mhihi: :mhihi:

I can say now that it sounds GREAT.

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Had new Vortex Generator and APR Mirrors (Awesome quality)

Thanks CarbonGoodies.

New Rota G Force wheels:

So she was ready for her first outing, took her for MOT which she flew, then taxed it and flew on upto Indigo GT

You may also notice new carbon side skirts.

Had fitted up Indigo

3 Port
Walbo Fuel Pump

Once all complete i had the Geo set up at Avia Autos.

Had some Orangestuff Pads to fit :

And here she stands, so happy with final results, i've put so much hard work in:

I will be doing a full detal over the weekend with alot better pics. Thanks for reading

:smthumbup :smthumbup :smthumbup :smthumbup :smthumbup :smthumbup :smthumbup


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IX FQ-320
30,000 Miles
18" Rota G-Force Alloys
Godspeed Dics
EBC Orangestuff Pads
Tein Monoflex
Whiteline ARB
Blox Roll Stopper
JMF 02 Dump
ARP Mirrors
Ralliart Splitter
Rexspeed Carbon side spats and skirts
Carbon Vortex Generator
FCM Carbon Badges
HKS Mushroom Filter
3 Port Boost solenoid
Walbro 255

What i can remember :lol:

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Great job,mate.
This is the sort of car that I would like to buy, that somebody has cherished.
There are a few on here,that have been protected properly and had similar work done,on the underside.
Rest of your car looks great,too:smthumbup

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The car really does look awesome, I have a Silver E9 FQ300 which replaced my E8, only had her a week... Really will be looking to get mine protected like yours underneath the car, you can tell a lot of hard work has gone in to it. I bet you are really pleased with the results. :smthumbup

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tidy job johnno. like the underseal, when can i drop my car off???? want my calipers doing and a headlight de tango :smthumbup
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