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my evo

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right a few pics...
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not worked

will have to try later gotta work now :cry:
thanks xlr8 :cool:

sure i will learn to do this one day :compsmash

yes cracked the pistons in it last week playin with a porsche :blah:

so by this weekend will had it running with 5 engine....
H.K.S. Induction kit, de-cat and new custom full 2.5 downpie/exhaust made and supplied by petbeemer @ autofix.....
so will update on how it goes and sounds... :D

and will be back on the hunt for porsche owners :ninja:
Stuart m8 think i might have seen you in Tranent not 100% sure tho as you gotta go pretty quickly to keep your wheels ... :crackup:
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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