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take out the first the second square bracket and reverse the Bracket after the g on jpg and delete the rest.

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No worries,

same size as the picture on the site bud;)
you'll have to change the size of the pic ....



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Here are a few specs

Harvy Gibbs spec engine 400|PLS| bhp with 400|PLS| ft/lbs, Re-mapped |PLS| Dyno'ed

Level 8 Ecu |PLS| pectal board

water injection (atuo switch on if charge air temp gets to high from Ecu) but to be honest the orignal Rs 500 intercooler would keep your food cool as a

Injectors Webber XO38's (not bosch 403's grays)

T35 Escort turbo,65 housing,cutback blades,an bearing,-31 atc, lefthand shaft

Rs 500 genuine intercooler |PLS| lowering altarnator bracket

Rs 500 genuine front bumper |PLS| spliters

Rs 500 genuine rear fin |PLS| bottom spoiler

200 block,long stud to crank end caps ,WRC 4 layer Metal gasket ,port/polished head, Harvy Gibbs cams,double valve springs, Standard valves , Forged Cosworth race Pistons (my choice if I Want to go NoS),standard crank and rods,lighten and balanced, lighten fly wheel,

Tarcal Front/Rear strut brace and breather system

Group A fuel pump bosch (new) and fitter 220 litres per hour

Alcon 6 plate paddle clutch/standarad cover

Borg Warner T5 standarad box with TVR internals, Fitting a Borg Waner T 56 Six speed, soon

Bilstein coilovers Magnesium Front(tarmac) 550lbs spings (new)

Bilstein coilovers Magesium rear(garvel) rose jointed 180lbs

Rose jointed track control arms

Poly bushes allroud the car

Mongoose exhaust 3 with 4 tail

SPA eletronic gagues boost pressure/charge air temp,oil pressure/oil temp, fuel pressure/water temp

1/2 leather interior

Rs 3 spoke with boss and Rs horn (Rocking horse sh!t)

Tarox 6 pot front calipers with Billit 330mm disc and blue bells (was faulty with pots sticking) Re-done from Tar-ox,under warranty

(New only 3 week ago) Rear Big disc coversion for standard 4x4 calipers 302mm with blue bells

Tarox fast road pads (New) for road use (Track days Carbon matalic pads and different discs)

ZF rear 7 1/2 platted Limited slip diff ( not viscous couping)

Escort cos rear trailing arms with Escort anti roll bar

Ears motorsport 17 x 7 3/4 (raceline RL7)Front 215 x 40 x 17 F1's (road use)

Ears motorsport 17 x 8(Racelines RL7) old type with 235 x40x 17 F1's Rear, (road use)

:D Oh yea and loads of flames, on the gear change...LOL :D

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Looks an impressive spec m8 , are you coming along to the MLR / Cadwell day on the 22March with it ?

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hey blade didn't marco say cosworth tuning was cheap the list he has just realed of tots up to quite a lot of money . can any one confirm the spec of the car ??????

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I estimate , that I have spent over 8 years, including buying the car about £24,000- £27,000 , I lost about £5000 with dodg'y socalled , friend, telling me buy these parts when I was a novice, the parts just wasn't up to the job, things like suspension,engine work(chocolate engine), brakes, but my mate(Not Martin Hadland) would have better parts on his car, didn't want me to have a better car than him in every way , I was willing to spend the money to buy top bits for my car for what I could afford,A bit jealous me thinks now when I look back, so called friend! My frist time on Donnigton park, the handaling of the car, was absolute Pants it felt like the car was leaning to much in the bends,with the suspension that my friend told me to buy, thats how I found out, although the car felt al-right on the road but for track use forget about it , took them of and trew them in the bin, and traders will sell you anything if you don't know what your buying!!!!
Martin Hadland put the car right for me in the end,but had to spend again , Harvy Gibbs, Re-built the engine, the car handling for a rear wheel drive is totaly different now, Bilsteins coilovers are the way to go for a cossy.

Trackday I honestly I would love to come and have a play, but i have got to work , cos i've had alot of time off last year going to trackdays and 1/4 miles/magazines with Martin Hadland I have got a writen waring Now :(

your Evo's would destroy me on a track to be honest,my car is not 4wd, but it would be good on boaring old straits and broardsiding every corner....thats about it realy :D I defo will come and have a play another time honestly,.... half of you wana kill me....LOL....only joking..Have fun :D

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evo400 take my advice eibach units are the way to go bilstien are old hat mate thats why prodrive stopped using them eibach units fit where billies go 40 /50 mm inserts what a change from billies . just sold full on RS500 MATE WITH COMPLETE HISTORY IN BLACK 400HP FOR £10,000SO DO YOU PUT YOUR CAR IN THAT LEAGUE MARCO

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I would want about £10,000 for it , with every thing on the car, if you don't think is worth that ,what do you think is worth then??

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Re:My cossie.

evo400 i can confrim marco's car is the spec he say's it is. for the age of the car it's still a solid and amp; powerful mota:)


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Have noticed yr in Brum , u shud drop round 2 my place in Halesowen sometime , I'll make u a cuppa and take the p##s out of yer cozza............................... only jokin m8 :), but do drop in 4 a cuppa sometime , all fast motors r welcome at Evospeed.

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i'll take you up on that offer m8, Don't put no p!ss in the tea, lol, where abouts in Halesowen thats only down the road from me about 8 mile

eibach, i just thought they made springs ?


Nice spec. What boost do you have to run to get that sort of power

Mapped on 97ron, 6,500 Rpm @ 28 psi 417bhp @flywheel,with 408lbs/ft 5300 rpm thats was it's peak power on the dyno print out, If you think that I am wrong, Ask Harvy Gibbs @ SCS 01733 576 614 the car is my everyday road car untill something goes wrong with it
the car is rust free and pretty Mint but not as mint as a show car, but not far off

Mad4it, you go on the Rsbb don't you


8000k tops may be little more . still only a 3 door not a 500

If only it was a500, I couldn't afford one at the time i'm still crying now, but it's on an E has all the 500 stuff on, so you wouldn't no if it's a real one or not, you do now cos, ive told you but's still a cossie tho?
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