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testing the water with this as I am considering ploughing the money into either my E46 M3 and turning that into a trackcar, or selling both to see if I can get into a 997 carrera 2.


Carbon fibre everything basically (including propshaft!!) 533kg (and that was with 15-20L of fuel in). Just finished winter rebuild to fit Elite IL200 sequential gearbox with ratios set up for Spa Francorchamps. The car should now easily do a 2:55 of Spa, as I did 3:01 last summer with the sh*t Ford Type 9 box and mega long ratios (couldn't hit limiter in 4th). Read the PH ad for full spec. Everything is refreshed and ready to go, comes with plenty of front tyres but will need some rears soon (R888s are cheap in 13" size anyway!) Freshly wrapped so cosmetically perfect at the moment.

Please also see this thread some when I nearly sold the car last year prior to the gearbox and propshaft upgrades, (car was wrapped blue last year):

couple of vids from last year:

£10k ovno, located LE10. PM me or email me at [email protected]

PX - maybe? especially 997 carrera 2S with cash your way
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