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I sold my r6 to get the evo, so i have all my leathers, helmet etc for sale.

i did want to keep it all, but the new evo needs a new engine so i could do with the money. i only owned the bike for a year so nothing is over a year old. didn't use the bike much as i had a car and work van. bike was just a toy:naughty:

Wolf two piece waterproofs. these, and the boots, were probably used the most out of all my gear. they zip together and have removable thermal linings, really nice and warm. they have been washed since i sold the bike, but have a black stain on the right sleeve from reaching under the bike to put the cover on. it s on the silver bit in the pic, a little hard to see in the photo. jacket size M, trouser waist 32". looking for £120.

Sidi Vertigo boots, size 9. few scuffs on them, but you can replace all the bits on them if it bothers you that much. would like £80 for them.

I have 3 sets of gloves, Alpinestar sp2 summer gloves and RST winter gloves.
both size M. £35 for the alpinestars, £20 for the RST's. i also have a set of richa summer gloves from back when i had my 125. these a a few years old now but ok condition. will take a fiver for 'em.

I also have two sets of LED indicators, and one set of capacitors for them. you will need these so they flash at the correct speed. i bought the triangle shape ones first but they didnt look so good, better suited to a gixer. these are surface mount and the more visible of the two. the other ones fit perfectly into the recess of the 98-02 r6 5EB. perfect flush mounting but not very visible to other road users. but if your more interested in style than safety, they look the nuts!
both sets were only fitted to see what they looked like. the capacitors were never wired up.

Well thats everything. please ask for postage costs on individual items as i haven't checked them out yet.

Cheers, Tom:smthumbup
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