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Motec Question

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Well the car is almost there so its time to think ahead to the ecu.

I have a motec m4pro to fit and was wonderingwhat sensors are neccessary?

I was told i need water temp but can this not be taken off the existing 1.
Also air temp which is ok but i will require a 4bar map sensor as i want to run over 30 psi if possible, does anyone know where i can get 1 for a good price as they are bloody expensive.

Is there anything else i will need.

This ecu is the version that retains the standard 1 if that makes any difference. :D
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Call Simon Norris he is a motec dealer and could help you.

all you need is a 3bar map sensor and temp probe.

I'm using a Kavlico 5 Bar Absolute bought fromOBR Motorsport

About 90 quid from memory and lets you run upto 4 bar boost. If you ask when you buy they also supply the cal values for the input to MoTeC (or I can copy mine for you)

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