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Can anyone give me the name of a place to take my standard VI GSR for an MOT around the Milton Keynes area?



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Try posting it in General Lancer chat probably get a quicker response.

But saying that any reputable MOT centre should do, they don't actually do anything, just look, right?

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Hi Anil,

Can't remember properly but are you the guy I met outside Blockbuster's in M.K. in a silver E6,
If so I was the person with the silver E4.
I've had my car for 2.5 years and I must admit I have never had an MOT done in MK.
My first MOT was done by Ralliart UK in Dudley and my last was at Dragon Autosport in Colchester.
But I agree with Steve_RS2, any reputable MOT centre will MOT your car, if you don't trust them, then take it to
a dealership like Crownhill, Wayside, etc.

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