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What's the easiest and cheapest way to add more power to Evolution 1 GSR? In standard form, it has what's the mod that is needed to raise the power but not burn a hole in your pocket....and lets just say if wanted to have around 350Bhp....what's the safest way of doing it properly without changing the stock internals (ie forged pistons etc.) or the stock turbo much power is the stock turbo charger is capable of?

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The std evo 1 has a tdo5-16g turbo which has a slightly smaller compressor wheel than the 16g6 fitted to the evo 3 ( and all later evos in reverse spin form).

This turbo is good for about 350hp max. 16g6 about 380hp.

For quick tuning

1. Big exhaust and downpipe, no cat.
2. Manual boost controller, boost guage, air/fuel meter, egt sensor.
3. Hi flow air filter.
4. Bigger injectors from evo 5/6/7 - 560cc/min instead of evo 1,2,3,4 510cc/min.
5. Apexi SAFC or similar to modify fuelling to account for bigger injectors.
6. Big fuel pump to keep up with demand. (standard is only 80litres/hour - need 150l/hr)
7. Good general tune of engine, - oil, plugs, leads, filters etc.

22psi (1.52 bar) boost on all of the above will get you around 330hp.

next step would be cams/porting (esp. exhaust elbow) then bigger turbo.
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