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I've been insuring my E6 RSX with Admiral, and I have to say, that I've had no problems with them at all. I contacted Tett Hamilton for a quote as my policy is up for renewal in March. I've been paying aprox £1700 - thats for a totaly standard RSX no mods.

Here's the problem - It would appear that I have a modification on my car which makes underwriters quake in their boots, scream and run.

What can this be you ask, turbo, intercooler, ECU ?

Well, none of these.

The mod I speek of, is a 'Tommi Makinen' signature on my bonnet which I obtained from the man in Cardiff at Rally GB last year. No insurance company on TH's books will touch me !
Looks like I might have to get another bonnet and amp; only fit the signed one for shows etc.

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I think you spoke to Damian today as I was at a meeting. Insuring the car is no problem, its just if you require cover for the bonnet? Its hard to put a value on it? We could sort you out a normal policy, however if anything did happen I cant see them paying to get you another signed one.

When you get your renewal from Admiral give me or Damian a call and we will see what we can do on a standard policy.

Ps Is the car standard? I know its an RSX but we thought it had some suspension and exhaust mods to the beast. (Anyway give us a call when you get your renewal and we will sort something out)

Regards - Iain
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