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More crap service from Mitsi in Reading...

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Whay cant people do what they say they are going to? Reading/Wokingham Mitsubishi really are a useless bunch of tools.

"Yes sir, the estimate will be ready for you Monday morning"

I phone monday morning....

"Sorry Sir, we will get it done today and call you when its ready around lunch time"

I phone monday lunch...

"I thought I was going to be phoned to tell me my quote is ready?"

"Sorry Sir, its not been done, I will call you back this afternoon"

I get sweet FA back from them all afternoon Monday.

I phone this morning...

"Sorry Sir, its not been done, we will call you back"

"Ive been told that twice already, is this just another fob off response because Ill go elsewhere if it is"

"You will get a call by 2.30pm Sir"

Why do I get the idea I shouldnt hold my breath?! :mad:
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