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I had an FP red, but due to a bad new Apexi filter, it failed. I had been impressed with it up to that point, but this failure showed how delicate it was. For something a bit more solid with the same power I got a new ATP GTX 3071R, on the dyno it got 6hp less at the wheels. Unfortunately it was also less responsive at the lower end. The ATP stock frame exhaust housing isn't very good as it's too restrictive.

I have ordered a v-band kit with external MVR wastegate from Rosssport to get shot of the ATP exhaust housing, it should be arriving towards the end of next week. I also replaced the large autobahn intercooler with a 4" ETS intercooler from Wallace performance (easy to fit but the bumper is not quite the same). It will be interesting to see the difference. It means that I will have a JMF stock frame exhaust manifold (one year old) for sale. Seems a waste after such a short time.

A question for the MVR though, does anybody connect up the water cooling part, if so, where do you connect into.

I've also got a deposit down on a set of new Ohlins DFV for 6 weeks time.
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