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For the Irish boys or any of the UK lads liking a change of scenery ;)

Mondello Park track days provide owners of high performance road cars with the opportunity to drive their own cars at speed in a controlled and safe environment without the risk of incurring penalty points on their licence, it also lets them appreciate the full potential of their car.

'VIP CLUB' days 2007.
These days will be restricted to club members and no spectators will be allowed except those attending with the driver by prior arrangement. Membership of the club will be restricted to drivers of high performance, high value cars and highly experienced track day drivers wishing to further develop their skills. Membership can be applied for by contacting Ian Beatty at Mondello Park and details of the Car, along with a recent photograph, and drivers experience must accompany an application. Drivers currently registered for our existing track days must register separately for the 'VIP Club' days. For all VIP days full payment must be received in advance as no money will be accepted on the day.

Currently there are three VIP dates set for 2007 two of which are on the Mondello National Circuit and one on the International. The circuit would be in a position to offer more VIP dates on the international track if the interest is there. These dates would have to take place on weeekdays (probably Friday's) but will only be arranged if sufficient interest is forthcoming. To register your interest please do so by email to Ian Beatty.

Trackday Format 2007.
All our days are spilt into two halves, a morning and an afternoon.
The morning runs from 10:00am - 1:00pm With the afternoon running from 2:00pm - 6:00 p.m.
Participants have the option of attending either half or can attend the full day if they wish.
Sign on is at 9:00am sharp for the morning and 1:00pm sharp for the afternoon session.
All drivers must be registered prior to booking a track day this can be done by contacting Jenny Farrell.

Prices Morning/Afternoon/Day
National Circuit TBC
International Circuit €150.00 - €200.00 - €300.00

Booking your place
To book your space you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or you can phone Jenny or Ian 045-860200. Please note that from March 2005 all bookings must be prepaid. Bookings that are not prepaid can not be confirmed. Bookings can be secured by Credit card or by posting a Cheque / postal order or Bank Draft. For further information contact Mondello Park. Gift vouchers are available.


Before going on track all drivers attend a mandatory briefing which covers all aspects on how the day will operate. Topics covered in the briefing include on track behaviour, driving techniques, flag signals, marshals' posts and circuit layout. There are some qualified instructors from Mondello Park's Motor Racing School on hand to sit in with anyone who may need some extra tuition on driving techniques and/or circuit lines. These instructors are available free of charge.

2007 Dates
Jan 27th VIP
Feb 24th VIP (National Circuit)
Mar 19th Open
Apr 9th Open
Apr 14th VIP (National Circuit)
May 7th Open
Jun 4th Open
Aug 6th Open
Oct 29th Open

Note 1: Car Track Days are where you drive your own car on the track. If you wish to, you can purchase a course at our Motor Racing School, where you can drive our saloon and single seater racing cars.

Note 2: Due to recent changes in insurance and circuit policy all track day participants must be over 18 years of age and hold a full drivers licence.
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