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If you add an induction kit but all its doing is taking in hot air from around the engine bay then it will actually DECREASE performance.

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Interesting that you guys didnt need the idle stabilizer when fitting the HKS SQV,
ive heard of a couple of evo's stalling occasionally after fitting !

Do you get nice big flames with the SQV ? :cool:


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Dunno m8, I've never got out to look ;) and I'm always last in the convoy border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >


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Cheers boys!

I think I'll go for the SQV, but am still undecided about induction. I may get the Blitz kit ('cos I don't want a wet one!) and clean it regularly! Maybe I'll manufacture a housing to put it in, with a duct to the front skirt air intake, if it will fit! I may look at relocating battery, but don't want to if can avoid it!


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One thing to bear in mind that if you do run ducting from the front intake to the air filter then it'll get dirtier quicker than running without the ducting due to the forced air with grit/grime from the road passing through the duct.

However, the benefits you get from reduced intake temperatures will far outweigh the extra cleaning that you'll have to do.

Also, if you go for the Blitz remember that it won't only be the filter that you'll have to clean, it'll be al of the intake pipework up to the turbo and the airflow meter just to make sure that you don't get a build up of dirt on these bits.


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std dump valve
hks panel air filter in std air box with cold ducting
de cat
p.e. remap
#### about with grommets
biggest results per pound
least shiny-ness per pound
you also have the advantage that trick bits are starting to crop up secondhand,and there are known specs up to a point
get s/hand exhaust,dump if you must (!),ecu maybe....and wait for a cheap boost controller

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I think that you are too worried about the filtration, after all you don't use your evo in gravel!
I think that an induction kit is really better than the standard airbox, maybe it will not make a big bhp improvement over the ralliart panel filter with the relocation kit, but for the price it will have a better look, quality, noise and it will be easely cleanable. I wouldn't pay something like 85£ for a panel filter and 350£ for a relocation kit, when you can have the hks rs kit with the alloy piping, silicone hoses, and filter for 300£!
The apex i kit is ok but I don't think is really better than the others and it looks small.
About the hks, I think that the filtration should be good, it's the foam that is used in motocross bikes and they should filtrate dust!
Also with the BLITZ or the apexi you keep the standard plastic piping, and if you want to replace it you have to buy an expensive relocation kit from ralliart or cusco.

Have a look at rallytech for their wrc carbon airbox or at monster that have a small carbon airbox with relocation kit.

About the VTA blow off valve, probably the hks is the best one, but I think that you should fit an induction kit before buying it and you will notice that it will make the same noise with the standard valve without spending 250£ and having idle problems. If you really want to upgrade it buy a forge recirculating one.

With that money you can buy someting better for your exhaust or a boost controller.

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Thanks to everyone! I read the induction test, thanks Colin, and have ordered the Blitz induction kit 'cos it looks better quality for the same money than the HKS. I've ordered the hks SQV and the Magnex de-cat and front pipe.

All I've got to do now is talk nicely to my local garage and see if they'll let me borrow their ramp for an hour or two to fit the exhaust bits.

If anyone wants a brand new filter for the standard airbox, they can have it for free! I had my car serviced on Tuesday and let them fit a new air filter, what a t**t!

It will be interesting to see if there are any fuel cuts or idling probs!

Does anyone know if the ecu will learn the differences immediately, or will it take some time?
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