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i read somewhere here this stuff has the potential to turn a 1.4 escort into a 355 !
although i expect the pistons will turn into hand grenades after a short time !!!!

My wifes car goes into the bodyshop for a week tomorrow,so i will have a generic small engined hire car
for a week

this stuff says 5%,the guy i got it from said that was 5% nitro,95%methanol ????
it was £7 for the gallon
do i run the sacreficial lamb of a car out of juice,and add the gallon,or is some moderation needed ?
looking forward to monday morning
looking forward to going evo bashing monday afternoon !

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Don't put that stuff in any normal engine!! If the stuff gets into the engine it'll probably blow. That's 5% Nitromethanol and 95% castor oil. You'll find out about that if you pour it onto something and once the nitromethanol evaporates it leaves a sticky residue.

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That will be my 1400 Orion company car about 10 years ago :) - look under Octane Booster in the Tech Section. Can't remember quoting 355 figures ;) but it made a very noticeable difference. The Orion was pre cat so nothing to knacker there but I did have a burnt out exhaust valve a few months later which confused the company car mechanic some what. The car went on running sweet as a nut to top 93,000 miles in under 3 years before being embedded into an old git turning in front of me in a Rover 214

This stuff was not run neat - I mixed about 2.5 litres of 5% Nitro Methane model fuel in with about 5 gallons of 4 star

My recommendation would be not to use it on anything you own if you get where I'm coming from ;).



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My mate's dad tried it in his strimmer, and it gave it a bit of extra ZIP. Tried it in my GO Ped, but the fuel was old, and didn't make any difference. Thought about running neat Octane booster in it though just to see what happens.

Out of interest the fuel comes in different % Nitromethane 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. I wouldn't put it in any car engine though.

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