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It would certainly seem Insurance is the hot subject of the moment.

Yep its a pain, Yep I know you all hate it but have to have it.

After months of developing a product I can finally announce we are the official insurance Broker of the MLR.

Im not promising that we will be the most competitive on every quote, however we do give 100% in effort to get the best deal possible for you. Advice is always free even if your having a problem with a claim and your not currently with us.

Full details are in the members magazine, along with freepost form if your renewal is a little way off.

Oooh and watch out for an article in the next magazine too.


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ummm, useless??

Too young im afraid, we just about managed to get 23yr olds sqeezed on the scheme, but 19 oh la la.

You will probably get someone to do it, one of the direct boys perhaps. Dont expect it to be cheap though at least 4, 5K.

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wow thats alot even for me,
at the moment im insured with tesco believe it or not for just over 2k i managed to speak directly to an underwriter who happened to know quite alot about this particular car, which i think helped me out quite a bit. I was getting quotes of 4 - 8k before though, ridiculous!
wouldnt you even be able to get it cheaper as i have owned and driven the car for a year, and hopefully proved that im not going to smash it straight away!
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