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Due to the 'problems' the Forum has been bombarded with recently it is about to undergo a few changes very soon;

a) anyone wishing to post will have to register and login using their Username and Password, which will give us more control with security and audit trails etc...

b) we'll also be appointing more Moderators to police the site on a daily basis

c) and issuing a new Terms and Conditions agreement which all Forum users will have to accept.

Hopefully these three initial amendments will go some way to regaining the sensible and amp; informative environment we all want to use, and it will remain THE Lancer orientated site / Forum for everyone who has a genuine interest in these cars. I'll post details of when the change is due to take place shortly.


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Come on everybody.

Praise the moderator for trying his best to keep this forum sensible and as we want and like it.
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