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Mellow ( you rmember him? :)) from scooby net has asked me to post this, he is orginizing a meet and a little drive- Should be good..

If you are interested in going then here is the scoobynet forum details:-|EQU|64861

Lleave your name either here, or on scooby net to be totted up!!

Okey goes.....
Meet point is Forton Services M6 Northbound ( approx in between Jnc 33 and 34 ) at 10.30am prompt please.
Date is Sunday 17th February.
Following list is from peeps showing more than a general interest
(Where's my mate AlanJack ??? You and Paul'd love this run ! )
Me (coz I am )
steve jackson (daughter ? not girlfriend )
Ian E (dont let me down....the bumps are in just for you )
stu 200
RICH WILD (it's coming along nicely dont need that tow rope anymore )
Skippy (if he can keep up )
172 jon (he definately can't )
wrx (in your motor this time please Matt...I miss it
BOB.T (along with me he never misses a meet...or meets a missus )
Charlie Whiskey (THE original meet planner/organiser )
adge (The karting suprendo....shame he can't drive his 22B the same )
chrisB (our host moderator best behaviour peeps )
Blue (yeah right...if his missus lets him out to play )
Richie W (Mmmm...something up this mans sleeve methinks )
bren (believe it when I see it.... )
Steve F and gang ( better let Carol drive Steve, better chance at keeping up )
Andrew C
Type R (This man has a quick, quick car )
As usual our finish point will be our excellent adopted scooby pub with a good range of grub at great prices, and easy access to the M6 via Jnc 35 or N and amp; W Yorks the other way through Skipton etc....
1st recce done....will do a 2nd a week before.
Till then

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Cheers Djack,

I have done this route before and it consists of mainly B roads with a few A roads thrown in.....the route requires concentration rather than out and out speed and I promise you will find it both demanding but thrilling.

We have a halfway stop point for a coffee, chat and the little boys (and girls) room, then head off again with the final destination being a superb country pub we have adopted as our own, great food at good prices.

Ease of access from the pub is brilliant for both the M6 South or North as is North, and West Yorks.

There are SUL petrol stations planned and each group will consist of no more than 4 cars and will despatch at 3 - 5 minuite intervals.

I am a distributor of N.F. Formula Octane booster and will be bringing lots with me if anyone requires some :)

In the meantime, hope some of you can make it.


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Hi Mellow
So the secrets are coming out - Octane booster eh??!!
Standard P1 eh??!! Just line my standard 7!!
If I'm in the country, I'll make one and try and bring a couple of mates.
Is your mate with the P1 that lives in the Rotherham area coming??
Could do with talking to you about your standard suspension set up....

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Ya got me confused mate.....NF Octane boost helps me get nearer the required 100 ron needed for my Japanese friend :)

The cars power output is deffo std.....that's a promise....the rest of the motor isn't.... ;)

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SuperL ..... Mellows attending a Rolling Road meet that i`m also attending, on the 3rd Feb, so i`ll have my beedy eye on him to make sure he dont put too much octane booster in his tank!

Rich ;)

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Speaking of which, Chris, could i have the Octane Boost at Well Lane rather than on the Dales Run? .. don`t fancy having two bottles of the stuff flying around the boot all day long! ..... hmmm.....might keep the g/f quiet though if it was eh?? ;)


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Lol @ RichW.......

No probs mate, I'll have plenty with me at Well Lane :)

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