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Hello all,

For want of a better place to post I'm posting here...

I've just bought a 1994 RVR super sports gear. This car has a de-tuned EVO-II engine producing 247bhp, plus 4wd. It looks like an MPV, but goes like a rocket :)

There are some mods I'd like to make but have no experience with this sorta stuff and was looking for some pointers.

1. A number of people have said that putting a 3" exhaust on there would make a big difference to both performance and fuel economy. Where could I get such an exhaust from?

2. The handling is quite attrocious (my previous car was a Honda Prelude). The guy I bought it from said it's got 4x4 tires on there and that fitting road tires would make a big improvement. Is this true? Would it be a good idea getting the suspension stiffened and lowered? If so where would I get the parts from?

3. I can't find an English speaking RVR owners club to ask these questions on, anyone know of any?

Thanks all,


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a few points:
it's not running a de-tuned set-up as such.....
although the RVR has the same engine, it has a different management system to the Evo1-3

Also, if your's is the super RVR with a top-mount intercooler and small turbo, it'll only have approx 235 bhp;
- the 'hyper sports gear' with front mount i/c and e2 turbo has 247bhp

1. exhaust: either from Japan/NZ/Oz direct, via an importer or best bet is to get one made
you'll be very lucky to find stuff 'off-the-shelf' here

2. it's an MPV so bit surprised that it has 4x4 tyres
just take it along to a tyre centre and get them to verify
Due to weight of vehicle and carry-weight, you'll probably need tyres similar to that fitted on other MPV's e.g. 215/65r15 96s
& not car tyres

Once again, unlikely you'll find suspension to suit either via importer or direct to Japan

3. contact 'ti_andy' on these forums; he has the same vehicle

good luck

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youll find out its pushing 230bhp with top mounted cooler model

unfortunately i dont have the rvr but i do have its bigger brother the chariot gt resort runner which has 7 seats and the same engine and setup

yes they go very well,altho i thought handling altho not the best was reasonable for size of vehicle

im in same boat as u i cant even find anyone in uk with the same car as me

add me to messenger if your on

[email protected]
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