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Mitsubishi Mirage Evo 5 Build Help

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Hello Lads And Laides so i am planning on dropping a mitsubishi evo 5 engine into a mitsubishi mirage coupe .

Things i have

4G63t Evo5 engine with turbo and downpipe
Evo 5 wiring loom with evo 5 and also evo 4 ecu
Evo 5 gearbox with transferbox ,propshaft ,all driveshafts
Mechanical rear diff no ayc
Evo 6 rear subframe with arms for hubs and diffhanger
Petrol tank with fuel pump

Set of Hid

Things i dont have

The mirage shell -should be getting soon
Maf sensor pipe with maf
Front mount intercooler 5stud hubs and suspension
Cat back exhaust system .
5 stud wheels

Things Am Looking To Get
Hks cam Pulley
Hks Oilfilter
Hks Oilcooler
2.4 Strocker Kit
Hks Or Greddy Front Mount
Hks Bov
Hks Turbo
Hks Fuel Rail
Sard Injectors
Cusco Coilovers And Braces
Oil catch can
HKS Boost controller

Things i want to know

Since i have a evo6 floor pan and subframe is there any good welder from ireland or ni that could probably do the rear section for me as this is my most concern and i would be dropping the engine in myself.
what else would i need ,or need to know concerning this project
Roughly how much to do the back as i can pick the things i dont have pretty soon

Am not to shure on how to post pics for the stuffs i have so will leave that out for now.
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