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Got a few Evo X Parts I am looking to sell before christmas.

Evo X Drenth Dog Gear Kit - brand new - £4995 - cheaper than anywhere else in UK
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Font Bicycle part Auto part

Evo X RS ACD Pump - Brand New - £1450
Cylinder Gas Engineering Scientific instrument Machine

Evo X RS ACD Pump - Off 0km Car - £1250
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Toy Motor vehicle Military robot

Evo X Engine Parts from new crate engine
Flywheel + Clutch - £400
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Spoke Auto part

Turbo TD05HA - £700
Rim Nickel Bicycle part Auto part Machine

Pistons, Rods, Valves and Cams - £400
Automotive tire Auto part Gas Metal Machine

Email me [email protected] or whatsapp 07713266009 for more info

Based in Lancashire

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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