Mitsubishi evo X FQ330 SST

With great sadness the time has come to part with my pride and joy, my evo X. Right I’ll start with the basics of the car. It’s a 2010 orient red evo X FQ330 SST. It is the factory FQ330 with certificate of proof. It’s currently on 91500 (may go up slightly) miles and fully serviced by Mitsubishi as well as being “looked after” by APT Norwich. It comes with the MMCS navigation system, cloth recaro seats, Lancer register interior mats. Now I want to be clear from the start this is not a stock standard car so if you’re looking for a stock car you can stop reading on. The modifications that have been done have been done properly by well known garages and tuners I have not just bolted parts on myself and hoped for the best. This car also is no garage queen it is used 3 or 4 times a week to do what it does best and put a smile on your face.
Right here goes with the modifications list and I’m pretty sure I’ll miss a couple of things:

3 port boost solenoid
Tomei turbo elbow and downpipe
ETS intake
ETS intercooler (red)
Tomei titanium exhaust with ETS de-cat
The above work is basically Indigo GT stage 3 tuning package with a couple of differences as I wanted the tomei exhaust and ETS de-cat. It was mapped by them after the work was done.

Exterior modifications:
Carbon bonnet vents and scoop
APR GTC 300 carbon adjustable rear wing (just been re-lacquered as was peeling so looks good as new).
APR carbon front splitter
APR carbon GT3 wing mirrors
Carbon vortex generator
VLAND headlights and taillights

Wheels, tyres, suspension:
Running on work emotion D9R 19x9.5 ET23 in ashed Titan bronze
Michelin PS4S tyres
Ohlins road and track
Whiteline front and rear sway bars
Whiteline front and rear sway bar link assembly

Alcon adex front and rear brake upgrade

Just had new clutch pack, filter and oil change at APT and whilst it was in the latest software was installed on it.

Timing chain was replaced at the same time as the gearbox work so no expensive timing chain service needed for a few more years. APT then remapped the car after the work was done. Car is running 380 bhp (I have print outs to prove). This work just cost £4600.

AYC pump:
This is all fine no issues or the dreaded “service required” message popping up.

Now for general condition of the car. Please understand this is a 10 year old plus car that is used daily but saying that I do look after it and always keep it cleaned and polished. The interior is in really nice condition no holes in the carpets or seats, a little bit of wear on the steering wheel but nothing major and general signs of use on the plastics but again no major scratches or nasty holes etc. No holes drilled for gages or aftermarket stereos. The back seats have hardly ever been used. The front screen has a tiny chip but not an MOT failure as it’s so small and on the passenger side. Now for the bodywork, the vortex generator was peeling so I put a new one on and the rear spoiler was re-lacquered as it was peeling so looks good as new. The rear bumper also suffered from lacquer peel and was very faded so had a refresh so it's back to being red and not pink. There are probably other small blemishes and stone chips from general use but nothing major.I have kept just about every bit of paperwork I’ve ever had for this car so it comes with a massive file of paperwork.
If you are interested in the car feel free to contact me and I will answer any questions I can. Please don’t waste my time or yours if you have no intention of buying the car. Make sure you check all your insurance costs and running costs as this is not a cheap car to run and maintain. I will be doing any test drives unless you arrive with proof of insurance and proof of funds. I don’t want you and 10 mates turning up to view the car and start picking holes in it. I am quite happy for you to bring a mechanic to look over the car or if you get a lift I understand that but I’ve had so many times 5 or 6 people turning up.
I also just want to make it clear that this is not a quiet, family run around it is pretty loud and the setup is for fast road use and it can be put on track (never has been). The ride is pretty hard but the ohlins can be adjusted but I don’t think you can ever really get it to being a soft ride. The car has a good base should you want to take it to higher power. I spent the money all over the car rather than just focusing on pure power). So the suspension and handling is there to handle more power, the brakes are ready for it. I haven't kept any of the original parts but I'm sure if you wanted to put it back to stock you could sell the aftermarket parts to more than cover the costs. As I'm sure most of you realise the parts on this car are some of arguably the better makes etc that you can buy so they cost a pretty penny. Just to give you a quick idea, wheels £1500 (without tyres), Alcon brakes £4200 (including pads), rear spoiler £1900, other carbon parts £1850, tomei exhaust system including turbo elbow and downpipe £1950, ETS intercooler £974, ETS intake £400, ETS test pipe £300, carbon interior parts £800, ohlins and whiteline swaybar kit £2600. So that's the best part of £16500 and this doesn't include tuning work, fitting the parts the new clutch pack etc.

Please don't jump on the advert and start picking holes in it and knocking it. I understand the look of the car isn't for everyone but it is what it is and I don't need to be told "it's a red car and if it had been another colour I would have bought it".
Open to sensible offers, no part ex or swaps.