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Actually I didn't know where to post this thread, hence here. Feel free to move to more appropriate place...;)

I was delegated by members of Polish Mitsubishi Owners Forum and Club to ask you here for your support.

Apparently, right now, there's annual national competition held by main moto magazine "Auto Swiat" (PL edition of "Auto Bild"): "which motoring forum/owners club are the most supported". Top price is full sponsorship of annual rally of winner club/forum.
There are 2 stages of competition.
1. Voting online, then top 5 going thru finale
2. Finale, experts from main top motoring mags in PL will chose a winner.

Hence my ask, if anyone feel that can support, and can help us to get to the finale is very very appreciated.

Here's link to voting online (you must click "V" "zaglosuj"):
Current results you may find under "wyniki glosowania"

Thanks for your help...:roll:

Here's the link to Polish Mitsubishi Forum as poof that I'm not talkin potatoes: :rolleyes:
I'm a moderator of Galant/Legnum VR4 subforum :D
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