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Mitsubishi announces two versions of Evolution VII for UK market
Mitsubishi Motors in the UK are taking the opportunity of exhibiting at Autosport
International to confirm prices for the official factory built and approved European
specification Lancer Evolution VII's which go on sale in March.
Two versions will be available, the RS II 276 bhp model which has all the refinement
expected of an Evolution model including Active Yaw Control, Recaro seats and will be
priced at £29,995.
Having undergone extensive testing on the recent UK Press Launch of the Evo VII,
Mitsubishi in the UK are also announcing a power-up 300bhp version of the same car priced
at £31,495. In addition to the enhancements to the power unit and exhaust system, the Evo
VII 300, as it is code named, can be distinguished from the standard car by a carbon fibre dash
and switch panels, carbon fibre gear knob and carbon fibre rear spoiler end plates. The
enhancement work for the Evo VII 300 has been undertaken by Mitsubishi Motors own UK
preparation centre at Portbury, Bristol.
Official performance figures are to be confirmed but the maximum speed for both models is in
excess of 150mph and the approximate 0 to 60 mph time for the standard car is 4.4 seconds
and 4.0 seconds for the Evo VII 300.
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Hot off the press today, thanks to my source :)

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Hello Heave Ho
Have you been to the Autosport show and seen the UK 7 ? How does it look ? Any more details ?
Regards SIMON.

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I don't believe the 4.0 second 0-60 either. If I get a 6 RS2 and then put the following on:

HKS induction kit - Does this also do the air filter?
HKS Sequential BOV
Blitz NUR Rspec exhaust WITH decat

Will I get 300bhp? And what does 300bhp mean performance times wise for a 6?

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What no GSR?????

The Marketing bods always underestimate the intelligence of the general public.

1500 quid is a lot for 20bhp (air filter? restrictor swap? 5minutes?) and some cfrp.

Mind you 30k is a lot for a car that is only circa 20k in Japan.

Good old rip-off Britain - glad I'm not there at the mo'.

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hi there i doubt they will need to do anything to the car to get 300bhp i think they may have just realised that. the EVO7 runs higher boost than the 6 as standard pea 1.35bar and holds 1.2 bar ( that is from my ralliart supplied evo 7 gsr). i had the car dyno'd wedensday with 1500mile on the clock and a decat pipe and it put out 220bhp at the wheel with an extremely flat torque curve all the way to 6000rpm that was 320bhp and 302lbft of torque. so even if we assume that the rollers are not accurate and i should not have lost 100bhp from the transmission, 300bhp is very feasable.

at the end of the day they have very similar engine to the 6, cams etc... bigger intercooler, straighter exhaust system, so it has to produce more power or even asme power per boost level. that is obviously assuming that both cars were mapped to the same limit. ?

is that making sense or am i missing something here?

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Store all your questions up and ask 'em at the Autosport show.
Personally I think it's difficult to say if £1500 over the RS2 for VII 300 is too much or not. Without knowing the exact mods then £1500 could be a bargain or a rip off (could be a full system, best part of £1k?, then again it could quite easily just be a back box). That Carbon Fibre stuff is not cheap to buy you only have to look at the Ralliart stuff that was optional on the E6, mega bucks. Anyway Carbon Fibre is not for me, best left to the Max Power brigade or people with too much money.
I bet you anything you like though that no induction/exhaust mods will be allowed on the RS2 without invalidating the warranty otherwise no one would buy the VII 300.

It will be interesting to find out if a revised ECU is used on the UK version as I believe a few grey VII owners have reported det problems even using Optimax (98RON).

Generally it seems to have been priced in line with the Scoobies and the out going TME. I think it is at least £2k too much in my opinion but remember this is a niche car and no doubt only available in limited numbers. Do you think they will sell them all at £29,995 or very near? Yep I do too.

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I attended the Auto sport show on thursday , they had an RS11 show car on the stand and speaking to the sales guy I understood it to be that the STD GSR was £29995 and it was the RS11 which is just the same as the GSR same gearing / diff set etc , apart from the add on stuff that HH6 mentioned plus it also included a boost guage mounted on the A pillar which was £31995.

The car looked totally boring , no external body mods , STD E7 wheels , it just made me glad that I didn`t bother changing my 6 , the new 7 body shape has no presence it could have been any old 4 door saloon on the stand :(

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The EVO that was on the stand at the NEC was a GSR, because the RSII will not be in this country till end of FEB.
It is a replica of the first batch of vehicles that are being lunched on 1st april.
The complete spec is not completly none untill the first homoligation vehicle enters the country.
Name of the 300 bhp EVO has not been decided yet.

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The top speed will be 157 and amp; 0-62 will B 5.2 secs @ 30K
How can CCC sell this with a few bolt on's 4 30K when U can get a Prodrive STI 4 just 27K?
How did CCC get da car 2 go so slow @ 0-62 and amp; why R they using 0-62 instead of 0-60?

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I would wait until some independant reviews are in before worrying about the figures. I am not saying the official figures are wrong but when several sources have tested it then you will get a better idea.
0-62mph equates to 0-100km/h and has been the standard measurement for ages.

I do agree on the price though, it is at least £2k too much but no doubt they will sell.

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The power increase is from an exhaust and most likely a panel filter , source of these bits is...............Power Enginnering :) Commisioned by CCC. The air filter cud change 2 a cone type .

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...standard in 80% of the world including where the Evo is made. The E6 official figures were quoted as 0-62mph in 4.4 secs so nothing new in quoting the E7 using the same standard. Hardly a major bone of contention surely?

Any news on what exhaust exactly?

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It looks like a **** one, look from da back it say's look @ my 5 pipe, but if U look under da car as I did the tail pipe is a max power clip on from a 2 pipe from da back box complete with jubilee clip.
I hope 4 CCC's sake it's just a pototype 4 show only and amp; not da production system.
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