Mitsubishi evo 7 RS Sprint, Chassis No JHYSNCT9A2U000224.

Norris Designs version 4 2.3, stage 3 ND head wire rung, dry sumped v3+ build number 338, 1000bhp+ rated, less than 300 miles on this fresh build and only seen 1.8 bar boost.
Sheepy racing top mount turbo kit & intercooler, 6466 precision twin scroll turbo smart waste gates again less than 300 miles.
Magnus inlet manifold with flyby wire throttle control, blow off valve custom inlet pipework.
Magnus fuel rail with 2000cc ID injectors twin 044 fuel pumps, pro alloy 40 litre fuel cell with anti-surge internal tank.
Full custom stainless steel exhaust system, track friendly.
Link G4 ecu with link dash, flat shift etc.
R35 ignition coils.
Tilton pedal box with front rear adjustment on brakes.
RS Sprint shell (37,000 miles) with fully welded custom cage.
Fully lighted with wide arched kit, fiber glass doors with plastic windows.
Chassis mounted front splitter with large conards can support big downforce, Voltex twin plane rear spoiler.
RS2 bucket race seats with 5-point harnesses
Lifeline fire system.
Running gear
Drenth 5 speed sequential gearbox fully rebuilt by Arnside motorsports less than 300 miles.
Norris designs triple plates super clutch less than 300 miles.
9RS diff with tubular subframe.
8 transfer box with quaife diff, less than 300 miles.
Ohlins suspension
Alcon brakes front and rear.
Whiteline bushes everywhere including uprated anti roll bars.
There will be many more bits I haven’t mentioned but you get the idea of the car.
This is fully built with less than 300 mile and only ran at a max of 1.8 bar about 600bhp on a soft tune (pump fuel), as you can see from the graph the twin scroll /S3 head set up is working well with 400ftlbs at 4000rpm.
The car is built for 800+bhp in time attack mode using race fuel.
Car has current MOT.
Comes with two sets for wheels & two sets of slicks, 4 original doors, headlight lightweight infills a in-car dry sump oil tank and a Norris design CDI system.
£44,500 Open to offers.