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I guess that most of you out there are using Mobil 1 Motorsport in your Evo's ?

I have found a possible alternative.... Millers XFS 5w 40 fully Synthetic.
Its approved or recomended by Mitsubishi Motors according to the blurb on the can
Apparently its also race proven and costs about £21 for 5 litres ! yes 5 litres !!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I find Mobil 1 MS rather costly at £32 for 4 litres.
The Evo takes 4.3 litres approx and they all use a bit between services. I have heard that its always better to overfill an Evo by 1mm or so. Due to the shear Gforce created when negotiating bends, the oil can be thrown clear of the oil feed strainer on a track if the level is too low. This scenario is especially common with Scoobies as they have a shallow sump design.

Check out and see for yourselves.

I was recomended to buy this oil from a mate who runs a Rover 420 Turbo which developes 240 bhp. He covered over 100,000 miles with no problems and so I thought that I'd give it a go.

Anyone out there use it or tried it ?

Anyone care to comment ?


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I have been using this stuff for a while now and it is bloody good! Especially considering the price. If you buy a 25 litre drum it is even cheaper.

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I used it im my 1800GSR at the last service. I've had no prior experience of it, but the guy in the shop wouldn't stop raving about it. Eventually I gave in and bought some.

So far everything seems OK, but it's impossible for me to judge the oil as I've only been using it since the last service.


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Hi Jonathan
I`ve always used castrol RS 10-60w syn oil, never had to add a drop in between oil changes?
[E6 GSR 10K miles]I buy this in 25 ltr drums works @ £4.67 per ltr.
regards dave

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Where can you get Castrol RS 10-60 these days? I got my last lot from Halfords (paying a bit more that £4.67 a litre!) but they seem to have stopped selling it lately.

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