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spoke to the guys at mie turbos today and they informed me that they do uprated actuators for the evo's and also roller bearing kits for the 16g evo turbo £ 500
great price and they say are good for 2bar as the rally boys use alot more boost and they see very little problems on this unit . this has got to be an option to the 20g kits as 2bar will push you over the 400hp mark and unless you want the big 500hp then this is another avenue to look in to . ok the 20g kits offer less boost for more power but if cost is an issue then a stainless manifold and amp;downpipe plus the roller kit has got to be an option . regards EVO400

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i think the 16g will not push anymore than 380bhp at 1.8bar as this the limit of the compressor. it you run it at higher boost you will end up getting a little bit more torque but no more bhp. and off course a lot of hot air which willnegate the whole process, unless of course you run wi and larger fmic. where do you stop?

getting a bigger turbo and manifold ends up more effective at the end i think. but i will be happy to get one after you ahve tried it first :D


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i run 1.75/1.8 on my 16g rc stage 3 with manifold etc etc and the car pushes 400hp now so add say another 3psi to that and bingo 430/440hp . this is what clive at rc was seeing on the dyno running 2bar
mie told me that heat was not a factor until about 2.5/3 bar boost even then good fuel and good mapping would solve theses isssues .

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Ha! You are being misled.

You can't run it above 1.7 bar or you will overspeed the turbo - you can only run 2 bar in the midrange, and the standard turbo will do that. BB conversion only helps it to spool up quicker, nothing at all to do with bigger boost.

The flow limitations of the compressor mean 380-390 bhp is the practical maximum, and the turbo is VERY inefficent comapred to a 20g or bigger - which is why the 20g at 1.3 bar produces as much power as a 16g at 1.6 bar approx.

A smaller turbo is just not as efficient. Now Clive says he has and amp;gt;400bhp by modifying the standard turbo, but (no disrespect to Clive or RC) their power estimates have always been on the high side of reality - you know this all to well yourself. A modified 16g MAY be able to achieve 400, but 430 is not possible unless a 20g compressor was fitted.

If you run your standard turbo at 2bar you will just generate more heat, overspeed the turbo and run into very high EGTs. The standard fuel system, injectors etc. could not deliver and amp;gt;400bhp anyway - the fuel piping is very restrictive, and the stock ECU with Apexi cannot control the injectors fast enough. The GEMS is better at controlling the injectors, so you may get close to the theoretical limit of approx 430bhp for the standard injectors (measured on a flow bench).

There is much too much hype in this industry, and it is so easy to bandy around power figures. Just worry about how the car drives. You will notice a big improvment in torque from the GEMS and hence in driveability. Paper horsepower means nothing...
I have got to the point where I will not measure the car on an RR as it means nothing anymore... only thing that is important is how it drives...

Hope the GEMS install goes well for you.

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note what you say but in real terms /on the road 2bar is nothing 3 bar is run by alot of the cossy lads and i have run turbo long term at this pressure with no problems at all . the cossy i had ran pectal system and this never surffered from turbo overheating or excessive egt's .ok larger intercooler like the rs500 unit apart from that canot see any problems . but ok its not a 20g but it has got to be a better set up from standard .

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in real terms /on the road 2bar is nothing 3 bar is run by alot of the cossy lads ???????

Is that 3 bar gauge or absolute - ie 28.8psi above ambient atmospheric or 43.5psi above atmospheric. (ambient atmospheric|EQU|14.7 psi)

When Blade talks about 2 bar he means gauge pressure - ie 29psi above atmospheric.

Only running 90% toluene F1 super turbo fuel could you possibly hope for 3 bar boost.
On normal pump gas - even with a shed load of octane booster this simply isn't possible.

Good fueling and good mapping (and Pectel are very good) cannot overcome the excessive heat generated by running a compressor at high pressure ratios in a thermally inefficient region. The only way to lose the heat generated from compression in the turbo-compressor is with an intercooler. You run a turbo very inefficiently but still lose the heat with a very large intercooler.

Blade is very correct in what he says about the 16g6 compressor. It has a limit of around 380hp when run within its design specification. 2 bar is for the mid range and massive torque - don't forget that this is a turbo designed for group A WRC - no more than 300hp max but as much boost as you can manage low down so that you have that 300hp from 2000rpm to 8000rpm (well not quite possible but...). It is not a turbo designed for high hp. The RS500 was much better suited to that with its T4.

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hi blade u dont like to reply your emails do ya :D i says i will buy those skirts aff yeah and also bits and pieces

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that evo400 guy is full of shït anyway.

I would hope that tuners who claim so many bhp from a car have a dyno sheet to prove it. I mean before and after mod figures in same conditions.

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really moderaters pleses don't let people reply to threads in a deflamatory manner . this is not on and only shows what a fool this guy is .


now go away you fool

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Original Post:now go away you fool
I will shortly, have a dinner planned tonight in a 2 star Michelin Restaurant border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > hehehe

BUT: I'll be back after that! :D LOL

Too bad to see your spelling has still not improved...

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Original Post:
you are eating dinner , hope you choke on it .
I doubt it, where I go they dont overcook it border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >



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