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Wot a turnout , gr8 2 c every1 , altho I still didn't say hi 2 as many as I wanted 2.
Pants weather but this proved no deterent 2 the hardcore , have 2 say I am well impressed with the suveners 4 showing in numbers , nice 1 guys :)
Well done with the organising , looks like u have that job now !

This will b excellent in summer , vast numbers of Evo's blitzing the twisty's , will have 2 get some quality in car footage and make a club video , speaking of which , top man Ian 4 the video entertainment today.

Come on spring , I want my Evo out :)

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Totally concur with Evoboy. :) :) Thanks BIGEVO! :D

Also disappointed not to see everyone. However, great to put a few faces to names! Even better talking EVO's and driving EVO's! Until the next time!

Jerry :)

PS. Just added a new page called EVO VII Days Out
pitty I didn't take more pics of EVO's though. Like the snake pictures Ian!

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you great day, very good turn out, must have been a great sight to see the long snake of EVO's from Tamworth, enjoyed the driving, nice to be a yob every once 'n' a while :D

A video, now there's an idea, I don't think we could do any worse than Duke OMFG what a crock of sh!t that was.

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Yep, good turnout and fun on the snake train. Visibility was so bad though we couldn't see halfway down the train let alone the end !

Hope peeps liked some of the videos strung together. Those that wanted to know where you can download the Stockholm mpegs, here's a link.

You can view a few piccies of today by clicking on the red button at Midlands Meet

Look forward to doing it all again but in better weather :)


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Thanks to teri for the organising, ian for the good vid show and getting my car in every one of the pics and the mimms crew for the usual good day.

Jerry: nice to meet you at last, nice car mate
flavio: welcome to the wonderful world of mimms, hope to see you at more
daz: love ya as always...

great day, looking forward to rugby....


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Thanks Teri for a good day. Thanks Evoboy for the Techie input for us f***wits in the Museum, makes it more interesting when someone knows a bit about what you're looking at!

Daz's mate's (sorry didn't get your name) quote of the day I hate old cars :D And for wanting to smash up the Bugatti Royale!!

The snake was awesome! Even old people stopped in their tracks and gauped!

Thanx to the various councils around the Midlands for the salted roads which have eaten my exhaust.

Too many people to talk to everyone, shame that; next time.

Ian; the vids were v good, thanx for spending the time!

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Had a great day, thx to everyone , not only BIGEVO but to everyone, shame i didnt get a chance to meet you all!

Me and Louise will be be at the next one, gonna have to try and get a Northern Snake going, problem been the last run i attended the Subaru Impreza Owners Club threatened to ban all runs out due to complaints from members of the public!!! (bloody good fun mind, got air twice in one day!!! ;))

Rich :D

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thanks big evo for organising and 2 everyone else who turned up.had a great day like evo boy says wait till the weather picks up this meet will be awsome. gud 2 have a chat with nearly everyone good to see new faces and the regulars.
shout out 2 da mimms crew and are newest member Flavio.



P.S thanks Ian for the excellent video!

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What can i say apart from a big thanks to all that helped organize a great day.
Nice too meet ryan and jerry.
Had a great bit of fun near approaching don with jerry [x2 evo 7 giving it side at the same time :) Big thanks also to the mimms who ran me in nice and gently :)
Have to thank simon, lee, umreet,and dad for taking me along.
Lee and umreet: man do you guys know your tech stuff or what :)
Great first meet,. can,t wait for the next .
Thanks again to all :)

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Good day out ! good to meet you all and the snake from Tamworth was awesome :) I spent the evening explaining to my wife that a super dragger exhaust was the really no different form the standard and that an induction kit and dump valve would help the longevity of the car - was working until my son piped up with Yeah mum, they sound really loud and wicked too oh well back to the drawing board.............

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Sounds like you all had a great day out. Sorry I couldn't make it but with my better half (Miss_RSX) ill in bed I didn't think it would be wise to disappear out for the day. I did consider it for a brief moment but then though about the weeks of grief I'd get for going and decided against it ;)
Hopefully we'll see you all again in February for the Ralliart trip or in March for whatever is decided thats happening next.


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Great day considering the fog! Impressive turn out.
Nice to put some more names to faces and meet up with ones already known again.
Sorry if I didn't get to speak to everybody, plenty more meets to come though!
Thanks for the videos Ian, how did you get your kids to behave so well??? Mines been threatened with a day with his granny for the next meet!! :)
Thanks to Donington as well for putting up with us and arranging the food etc.


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Can't play the movies mate, what Codec did you use? this crappy windows media player can't download the right one :(

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Same again from me, it was a great meet and I found the museum really interesting, especially the Cosworth 1.5L V6 twin turbo F1 engine !!

Those 2 kids in the petrol station were asking if a Cossie was faster than my evo and I said no, then the young lad reckoned a chipped Cossie would be faster. I just said yeah whatever !! Then he said if a chipped Evo could beat a Cossie and I told him a standard Evo would beat a chipped Cossie !!

Anyway, I look forward to the next meet.


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An F16 ain't as fast as your Evo! border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

BTW, yesterday was the first time I've seen a four wheeled power slide in a straght line! Well done M8.

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