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Andy and N.ring

Agree with all that youre saying. Brits maybe are prone to sweeping it under the carpet for the sake of the status quo whereas you continentals are a very excitable lot:).

However what ever the rights and wrongs of the a case:- if a significant poster like Michealk et al decides not to post anymore then we who remain on this forum are the losers as Michealk will probably continue to read this but not give us the benefit of his (vast) wisdom :);):). Now personally I didn't always agree with Michealk and thought him deliberately confrontational at times, but what the hell.

I do agree that the Moderators have a difficult job, however closing the forum does not seem to be a mature approach to the problem.

Does this earn me the ephithet F******t?
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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