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Well, I just wanted to write that I won't be posting on this board anymore. Almost a week and still no real explanation of why the board was shut down, the funny thing is people seem to accept that. Instead there's lots of rumours out there, so even the MLR people should realise that no explanation is harming the site more than the real reason. Maybe they're continuing on the route of the great PR coup of shutting the board down without a real explanation...
Another pleasure was the fact that the MLR used to voice their explanation instead of their own site?? No comment..
Anyway, after a mail from Brian, literally telling me off for voicing my opinion on a different board (what a fücking liberty!!) and being called a fückwit by Darin behind my back I'll just quit this farce. Darin, I'm still waiting for the reply to my e-mail or don't you have the balls to write to me directly and say what you think? Like I said we can meet up and you can call me all you want to my face and then we'll see what happens...
Also, please take my car out of the member's cars section. To all you other guys on this board, of course I won't stop posting on the internet, you'll find me (and others) at

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Don't go! Quitting is not an answer either!

I, for one, would miss your forthright (if sometimes a little TOO forthright) approach to this forum. It's all only a game, not real life, isn't it?

You make some very humourous contributions and generally you keep a lot of people on their toes!

If all the people who are a little contraversial leave the board, it will become a very boring place.

If you do decide to go, don't stop being contraversial, wherever it may be!



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Good grief man , chill out.

Why do u (and others) take this so seriously.
There r probably a number of us who don't agree with the action taken by the MLR , and I have 2 say that I wud like 2 c the offending material. Ultimately tho , this forum is a useful and enjoyable device 4 persuing our interest in things Evo , just ignore the politics.

If u go u go , but it's yr loss , take time out and reconsider.

All the best anyway.

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Dont go. I am another that enjoyed reading your constructive comments.

I am sure that the MLR had their reasons for shuting down the forum but we will never find out so try not to worry about it.

I personally beleive that Darin's comments/language was not called for and you should at least receive a reply to your mail if not an apology.

Anyway its good to be back using the number one site for Lancer's and hope to see MK return.


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For heavens sake, man. 2 wrongs don't make a right. Firstly, Darin did not post his comments on a forum whilst in the past, you have posted some fairly agressive stuff . Ultimately, I didn't mind because that is the nature of debate, everybody has the right to say what they think. By leaving the forum, you will clearly make Darin the winner in this and I cannot believe that you would quit that easily.

As for an explination, maybe one is due or maybe there is a view that enough has been said now and that the time is to move forward. All that an explination would do is open a debate that could not be productive. The nature of a committee is to represent the views and act for members. Just like a government, if you don't like the policies, the way of handling it is to vote out the people at the next chance. Do you leave your country because you don't like the politicians (tempting ;) )

On a personal note, I hope you don't leave. Or maybe you will appear as a new member without us knowing. Anyway all I can say is..........


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you will clearly make Darin the winner in this and I cannot believe that you would quit that easily

Those lines are a clear transparent attempt at reversed phsycology to create conflict ,do you enjoy creating conflict Simon,the above comments belong in a school playground not on this forum.There has been enough conflict lately lets try and cool things down.

And you have applied to be a Moderator ,God Help Us......

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For heavens sake, this is crazy. I am not trying anything clever or wanting conflict. I want Michael K to stay on the forum. Simple.

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I accept that,its not up to me or anyone else to judge your wisdom on wanting Mr K to stay,just leave Darin out of it.Ive spoke to him hes a nice guy doing the best of a difficult job and puts an immense amount of work into the register.Lets all focus on the positive aspects of the club and forget about Mr K in the words of Spock the interests of the whole outweigh the interests of the one He is being given to much attention ,After his posts on the Lancer forum he is obviously hostile to the register ,and has personally threatened Darin,I for one cannot condone that behaviour and I dont like bullies.

I have no intention of falling out with you Ive had my say and thats it.

Regards Barry:)

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Come on guys, I left the the R5 Turbo board a few years back because they bickered and cried like 12 year olds. Dont start this here. I thought Evo owners would be more mature than this.

Why cant everyone get on? Your forgetting we all have one thing in common, the love of the EVO.

What the #### is the world coming too?

I dispare :(

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Right lets get this straight ,the main and final reason the board was shut and this is only in my opinion was the remarks made towards Ralliart operatives and it was personal slander .Ok we all don,t mind whats being said good or bad and I am an advocate of this .
How ever I have not asked the reasons why ,because at the end of the day I as a person would not to have been at the end of remarks made .Don't forget those who sponser also monitor.
If for instance I was to call another member a dumb ####wit who knows Fck all about cars ,true or false its abusive .sod whether its a scoob or what ever .This forum is about lancers, EVO'S or dirivatives and many are connected with it.
Lets get on the subjest of Ralliart as I feel this is the real crux of the problem.
Many use them many have used them and many will use them.voicing problems is not the general issue but I have to say that when it gets down to the members of staff then its personal.
As a generaly feel that companies who mess up know that its a learning curve and perhaps strive to become better.[we all hope].
Michael I have enjoyed many of your posts ,Ok you were told off for what ever was said,did .So!
A slap on the wrist doesn't mean the end ,it just means a little towing the line.
On my meetings with Darin he is very very orientated towards making the Lancer forum work .It needs sponsers as a club web site .As members if those that have paid a subscribtion realise that things just don't run themselves .All such as Brian ,Dominic ,Alan with the mag,regional event organisers put a lot of personal time into making it all work.and all we do is sign in and chat! The simple side of life.
Ive been on here for nearly couple of years and over the last 8 months it has become more livlier than ever ,which is positive.As the talk has become more responsive many let their key board do the talking and some times whats being written is not actually being thought about .And yes I can be accused of this.but I would hate to see my name plasterd all over a discusion slagging me off .Whats said behind my back is another matter to be dealt with.If I personally came across a comment that is a little cutting on some others interpratation but I know tha person making the remark then no problem.
This comment is not just about Michael K who I have met and yes he has fluffy dice hanging from his rear view mirror.Its generally Ok to generalise but not to attack some one we have not met or know nothing about.
Any way MIchael being spanked is not too bad just be worried about the Dildo with your name on it.
Stay with it fella ,it would be ashame to see you dissappear into the wilderness lifes a bitch and were in it .
I don't feel that shutting the board should alter the general reporting of companies that do a crap job ,because if they are crap then we don't want them connected with the forum anyway .I feel that taking the whole issue rather than an individuals participation is less slanderous .
If I am out of order with this post then say so ,as Im not posting on behalf of any one else but myself .
Believe you me is I have had a bum deal then I would post it .
Having said that If I get a cracking piece of ass on the weekend I'm keeping it to my self.
Over and Out

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funny there seems to be no mention of the stupidity of antsevo for posting Darins e:mail which was obviously not for the general public..having said that it did show a slightly hipocritical approach from Darin slagging of a third party in such a way that he closed the board for in the first place. I am sure that darin does not know Ant well enough to put such words into writing.

All over now lets all ahve a group hug and smoke some weed...chill

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Well, I must say I enjoy the Lancer Forums. It offers some interesting technology for posting. And all the MLR regulars can be found there as well (and the Evo-industry!). It has a very global feel to it!

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Some people need to stop throwing their toys out of the pram and get a grip. The Forum closed temporarily. So? It's back now, and people should just use it, and respect the rules rather than bitch about it and drag up why it closed.

I wish all my problems were this insignificant...

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Michel K is posting on the lancerforums, as are a many non-uk former MLR members. Are the mainland Euros more critical? Is it the typical British nature to push things underneath the carpet and ignore it, just to maintain (a fake) equilibrium?

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It's good to see that people are using other forums but having been signed up to Lancerforums since August, I think you will find that the majority of people on there are from USA and therefore for the technical side of Evo ownership, the best place to look is still the MLR.

As for pushing things under the carpet and ignoring them...... The board got shut down for 1 week (Not really a major disaster compared to everything else going on in the world is it?).
Is the typical over-reaction of mainland Europeans to leave something behind that they obviously enjoyed and used on a daily basis over such a small matter?


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Hello Andy,

A bit of drama is always welcome! You are right with the tech knowledge on the MLR though: there is simply more data here.

I don't like it when people get the feeling that the 'sponsors' have too much power over a medium like this.

The Lancer Forums is much easier to work with than the MLR (even I can post pix, make own avaters, etc.). Maybe time for an upgrade of the MLR site?
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