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Hello lancerregister,

our #1 best-selling LSD's are always in stock and ready to ship!

Helical LSD

Suitable for: Street Cars, Drag Cars, Occasional Road/Race
Power Rating: 1000whp+ (As proven in the world's fastest Hondas)
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty (even if raced!)
Why MFactory?: Our Helical LSD's have been proven to be Stronger, Lighter and have better tolerances than our competition

Part# MF-TRS-05EVOF - EVO VII-IX 5spd - Front
Part# MF-TRS-05EVOR - EVO VII-IX 5spd - Rear

All Fitments: US$739.95 inc FREE Shipping within UK/Ireland

Metal Plate LSD

Suitable for: Road/Race Cars
Power Rating: ~500whp
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty (exc. Plates & Springs)
Why MFactory?: Our Metal Plate LSD's have been proven in the fastest Road/Race Hondas in the US

Part# MF-TRS-10EVOFA - EVO VII-IX 5spd Front - 1.0/1.5 Way
Part# MF-TRS-10EVOFB - EVO VII-IX 5spd Front - 1.5/2.0 Way
Part# MF-TRS-10EVOR - EVO VIII-IX Rear - 1.0way (2 Angle)
Part# MF-TRS-10EVORA - EVO VIII-IX Rear - 1.0/1.5 Way
Part# MF-TRS-10EVORB - EVO VIII-IX Rear - 1.5/2.0 Way

Price: All fitments US$899.95 inc FREE Shipping within UK/Ireland

How to order: Please send us a PM :)
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