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Anyone own/tried one of these Westfield cars with the Suzuki 1300 engine in.

Seriously thinking of getting one.
Not to happy with building my own from scratch, but newish ones can be had for cheapish money.
Will use it only for track use and the odd Sunday outing.
They seem pretty quick around the circuits I've been on and sound awesome with the sequential 6 speed box.
and have just won the track car of the year in CCC mag.
Probably a lot cheaper to track than the Evo too.

Not too sure about the top and side protection though :)
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Shame, we won`t be able to see it on the MLR days @ Donno and amp; Snett this month.
True, but I'll do one in the new year, hopefully by then with the new turbo and 450ish bhp!
Wow ;o Havn't had chance to look at this thread for a few days, and didn't expect this response

I suppose the debate Evo v Faster car could go on forever, but the clock doesn't lie and all could be sorted out on the lap times of any vehicle on the same track
As i've said before I only know on the tracks that I have been on the R500s and bike engines Westfields have had nothing else that could live with them, and when you try and follow any of these small cars through Oulton Parks chicanes it just makes the Evo feel very heavy and cumbersome in comparison.

I have been on the Westfield forum and there was someone selling a brand new zero miles unregistered Megabusa for £16k which I thought was cheap. Don't really fancy the self build option and havn't got the time

Adrian, your idea sounds awesome, and at that price :)

Mmmmmm Fancy building me one at the same time
PEELY, Haven't tried Oulton yet, so will let you know (there on 19/12). Having said all of that, I would still give a Megabusa garage space in addition to the EVO! If only they made them in fat boy sizes....
driven a dax rush,2wd,350hp ish
amazing acceleration,but would be faster a to b with less power (for the average driver)
or four wheel drive or traction control
you could only gun it in a straight line,the slightest bend had it spinning its head off.
maybe this one was under-tyred
mate paid 12k,good fun ,but nice to hand it back and say thanks rather than buy one

the bike engined route sounds more fun
That's why I'm thinking of 350BHP cossie engined 4X4 on slicks.....
Oulton is a very twisty track with tons of height variation...... tight chicanes like Foulstons and amp; knickerbrook......I would expect that lightweights such as the R500 have even bigger advantage than tracks like donnington, snet, silverstone
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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