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Firesorter I'm really sorry mate, what happened was that I've been without net access since last Wednesday and I totally forgot about it.No excuse I know, hope it went well though once again please except my appologies and if....if there is to be another one I will be there !!

Cheers a very embarrassed Coops.

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I took me 1hour45mins to get through london traffic to try and get there. when i got there (late admitedly) no-one in sight. was I the only one who actually made it (even though nobody was there)

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This sort of thing happens all too often - I've been there!

In future I'll be swapping mobile no.s, should save me waiting on the on ramp of the M8 for 20 mins ever again!

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well c2 if your the silver VI that went past at mach 5 then your the only person to turn up apart from me and a scooby mate. shame you couldnt make it chunky but you got off to a bad start anyway

cheers !!

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Its a little of a dialemma organising a meet,there is always that element of doubt as to how many will turn up.
The last one i was involved with at Windsor, I thought I would only get 10 EVO s and a few straglers.As many have other comitments and a usual meet up is at track days.
The car park couldn,t cope with how many actually came .
I sympathise with you firesorter,as some effert does go into finding a venue ,when you live outside an area,and its always good to meet those that you fly by on the the highway with just a flash of your head lights.
Its a case of suck it and see.
As you may of read there is a southern meet coming up on the 8th april,at Twyford,now I live in Swindon,Steve c is in kent,and Mark Burr in southampton.with Kevin [t27 silvery ]
and Mark Shead living close by.
If you can make it come along ,and any one else that you know ,doesn,t matter if they own a scoob or an Rs cossie.
The last meet started at 12 and finished around 4.30.
The only thing is that Cadwell park is coming up shortly and its always nice to put faces to cars ,on a track day.Foot and mouth permitting.
Hope to see you there .

Paul s
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