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Had my evo 2 weeks

De cat'ed race pipes K7N filter with battery moved (I beleive this to be some sort of kit)

How far can I turn that bleed pipe screw

Gauge shows 18 psi (1.22 Bar)

Assume con rod bolts not done

I want to run at 22 psai (1.49 bar)

Comments ??

( **** I am impressed with myself. I am mister non spanner grease monkey) English only relpies
non grease monkey please guys.

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Im no expert but sounds like you need boost controller and amp; fuel regulator or if you plan to upgrade further than that then maybe think about a gems, motec or EVOlink. I have been warned off simple grommet removal because it craetes crap boosting with all sorts of spikes and also fuel cuts.

Also, fuel pump change and ARP bolts may be in order (depending on who you speak to). Someone told me the other day that ARP bolts only need to be done for track work, i.e. if the engine will undergo sustained 5500rpm hard driving. Many people seem to think that teh standards are good for way beyond 350bhp.
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