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Dear Members

What's the max BHP and RPM for fully modded Evo Six of Seven ??
And what's the fastest evo??

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JUN get between 650 and 700 bhp at the flywheels, maybe more. (
Their complete engine was measured at 598 bhp AT THE WHEELS. Havent seen the dyno though.

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How long is a piece of string? I think the answer to your question is £££|EQU|BHP, chuck enough money at an engine and just about anything is possible. I know of a certain 1.5 litre BMW lump that can put out over 1500bhp... border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

The JUN car is certainly the most highly tuned Evo I've heard of, but then they are well known for taking things to extremes. Up to about 370-400bhp and you'll probably still be on your bank manager's Christmas card list, to get much more than that requires serious £££, i.e. the cost of the car again in mods.

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Who has the most bhp on this club/site claudius or Roy Boy??
I think Roy Boy !!
tanks you for Reply's

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My car is standard and really slow! Estimated 300 bhp, warped discs and no front camber. But dead tires.

Please dont get me wrong, I told you about the JUN Evo because I saw it in a German magazine and on JUN's web site. My local Japanese tuning parts dealer told me it was measured 598 bhp at the wheels in Germany, then they put the catalyc converter back in and changed a few things for homologation purposes (this was for the Sport Auto Tuner GP) and got 510 or 530 as mentioned in Sport Auto (German version). I also talked to someone at Ralliart Germany who has been in it. The car has a T088 and lots of lag up to 4,000 rpms. After 4,000 rpms, that's another story...

Roy Boy's car puts out a lot of power with a bigger turbo (2835 or sthg), right?

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Claudius your right Roy Boy's evo 6 TM Has 430 pk and 520 nm .
Have you future plans with your car (tuning)??
And I tought your car was modded ??
I must have made a mistake .

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Roy Boy

Have you had any problems maintaining power or with detonataion. I only ask as there just doest seem to be all that much cooling for your car for 420bhp?? The HKS intercooler not being that much more efficient, etc.

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For the moment, I am only adding an ECU and monitoring equipment engine wise.
Where I live, there is a lot of twisty roads, so I cant use a car that starts going at 4,000 rmps.
To make it faster around these roads here, I get the best suspension set up and brakes.
350 bhp or around that value should be a pleasant drive. If it's really still slow, I will get internals and a bigger turbo, but ideally I wont.

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I have found a evo that has more bhp then the Jun Super lemon Evo 5 !!
Is called the Bozz Speed Evo 6 and it has 650 bhp at 5550 rpm !!

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The JUN has 598 bhp at the wheels, which equates to approx 650 to 700 bhp at the flywheel.

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The Bozz Speed Evo 6 is most powerfull evo ther is Here are the Specs of the Bozzspeed evo 6!!
In Stock Form:

Lancer Evolution VI / Mitsubishi Motors
Type: CP9A

280ps (276bhp) / 38.0kg-m (275ft.lbs)

Ready-to-race limited edition

Engine: 2000 DOHC 16-valve ECI-MULTI

with Intercooled Turbocharger

Max. output : 280ps/6,500rpm

Max. torque : 38.0kg-m/3,000rpm

Drive system : full-time 4WD

Mod Spec


Bozz Speed Turbine Kit (Bozz Speed

Exhaust Manifold

HKS GT3240 Ball Bearing Turbine

HKS Special Racing Wastegate)

Bozz Speed Forged Aluminum Piston Kit

Bozz Speed Special Tuned HKS

F-Con V Pro

HKS Super Power Flow

HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve

HKS 272 Degree Camshafts

HKS GT Intercooler


HKS Oil Cooler Kit

AEM Pulley Kit

Super Strong Timing Belt Upgrade

800cc Injector Upgrade

Crankshaft Bearings Upgrade

Con-Rod Bearings Upgrade

Lightweight Intake Valves

Titanium Valve Retainers

Bosch Fuel Pump Upgrade

Pirelli P-Zero C Tires 255/40ZR-17


Bozz Speed Side Winder Exhaust System


Cusco MZ Type RS Front and amp; Center LSD

Cusco MZ Type RS Rear LSD

Cusco Twin Plate Clutch


Bozz Speed Lightweight Aero Mirrors

Oki Doki Design Body Graphics


Recaro SP-G Racing Seats

OMP Corsica Steering Wheel

Willans Club 4 Racing Harnesses

Cusco Safety 21 Chromoly 7 Point Roll Cage

HKS 60mm Oil Pressure Gauge

HKS 60mm Boost Gauge

HKS 60mm Oil Temperature Gauge

HKS 60mm EGT Gauge


Bozz Speed Rear Sway Bar Kit

Bozz Speed Bushing Kit

Cusco Comp 3 Coilover Suspension Kit

Cusco Type CB Front Strut Tower Bar

Cusco Type CB Rear Strut Tower Bar

Cusco Type I Front Lower Arm Bar

Endless Type CC-M Front and Rear Brake Pads


17x8.5in Enkei Tarmac Evo II Racing wheels (white)

Pirelli P-Zero C Tires 255/40ZR-17

I think this is most powerfull evo ther is !!
650 bhp and 550 rpm !!

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Yes I Listen but the bozz speed has more power then Jun Auto or maby not.
The Jun Auto is the most powerfull evo ther is but maby ther is one with more BHP!!

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The JUN Evo has between 650 and 700 bhp at the flywheel, that's what Junichi Tanaka told me. He should know, he works there. The power depends on boost settings. JUN make their own parts, Bozz just get pistons made and bolt on HKS stuff. I dont find that impressive. I emailed Bozz about how much their pistons weigh, never got a reply. JUN pistons 476 g.

What car have you got? You talk a lot about high end tuning but I am not sure you even have a driving licence.

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No i have not a car and i have not a driving licence.
But i love cars!!
In the Netherlands you must be 18 years old and i am not 18 years old.

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Do you like having discussions with 17yr old schoolboys, are they more on your level?;)

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got the impression from the first posting I saw, but then again, you never know, there are a lot of people here, one in particular, who sound like school boys, you cant really tell, intelligence is not related that much to age... :)
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