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The E6 Technical and amp; Workshop manual are available in pdf format.

I have them on my PC at home/work for quick reference :)

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Gents from Ralliart/Co-OrdSport regularly view this forum and I dont think they would be too impressed if people distributed copies, sorry :(

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FAQ again ;)

Q: Can I buy a Workshop manual for my car?
A: For the later Evolution models (Evo 4 to 7) Workshop Manuals (and Technical Information Manuals) are available from Co-ordsport. Co-ordsport are the European parts supplier arm of Ralliart. The manuals come in three versions. There is one set that covers the Evo 4 and amp; 5 (paperback) and another set which is a supplement that covers the Evo 6 (CD-ROM only, a printed out version is shown in photograph opposite). Finally there is a set of 4 manuals that covers the Evo 7.
Part numbers for all the manuals are shown below.
In reality if you own an Evo 4-6 then you will need the Evo 4/5 manuals and the Evo 6 supplement to get all the information. For example only the Evo 6 Workshop Manual Supplement has any information on the Heater/Air Conditioning or Ventilation and only the Evo 4 and amp;5 Workshop Manual has any information on the Engine Cooling System.

S9806CNCP9 - Lancer Evolution 4 and amp; 5 Workshop Manual (Paperback)
N9806CNCP9 - Lancer Evolution 4 and amp; 5 Technical Information Manual (Paperback)
S9806CNCP9-A - Lancer Evolution 6 Workshop Manual Supplement (CD-ROM)
N9806CNCP9-A - Lancer Evolution 6 Technical Information Manual (CD-ROM)
S0105CT9A - Lancer Evolution 7 Workshop Manual (Paperback)
N0104CT9A - Lancer Evolution 7 Technical Information Manual (Paperback)

See the links page for details of the Co-ordsport website.
Manuals for the earlier Evo's are currently not available off the shelf although they may be available second hand. Much of the details of the these earlier Lancers are the same as the US market DSM Talon (1g) and/or Eclipse (2g) and a downloadable version of the Workshop and Technical Information manuals for these cars are available at
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