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A friend has a new EVO Makinen VI in metallic Blue with white Alloys. She had a blow-out on the motorway and amp; ended up having to call the garage out to put the spare wheel on!!!!
When they got to her, they also couldn't get it on and amp; found the front caliper was too big to fit the spare wheel! They ended up swapping the rear wheel to the front, then putting the spare on the back as the rear caliper was smaller. Has anyone else had the same problem or have they given her the wrong spare wheel?
She inherited the car when her husband passed away recently but decided to keep it as it was his pride and amp; joy. I can't see how she is expected to swap wheels from front to back every time the front tyre has a puncture.
Mark Stacey
Mitsubishi Starion Owners Club U.K.
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Yeh, this is correct. It is no big deal swapping it: You jack up the rear, and fit the spare. The jack up the front, swap wheels, put the flat in the boot.

Alternatively, stick a can of reinflator in her boot, and she doesn't need to swap any wheels then.
Wow this is all news to me too - good to know though.

Mind you they reckon you only get a puncture every 90,000 miles, though sods law says that all TME owners will get one soorer or later and always on a front wheel :D
Yes, this is a vey unfortunate situation, but this is the way you have to do it. Better than having a huge wheel in the boot, giving the fact you almost never get a flat.
I don't want to slag people off for not reading the owner's handbook. But there are some safety issues here so for the people who don't have a manual or can't read paper books
With the space saver spare wheel fitted (to the back as it won't fit on the front
) you should limit your speed to 80 km/h, avoid quick starts, sudden braking and sharp steering. Also avoid driving through automatic vehicle washers (?) and over obstacles that could damage the vehicles undercarriage (e.g. speed bumps etc). And of course get the tyre fixed ASAP.
And for the smart @rses like me, when did you last check the pressure in the spare ?

BTW its supposed to be 420kPa (whatever that is).
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I must admit that I never check the pressure of the spare on any car ever. I recently sold my old Honda Civic VTEC privately and the buyer wanted to check out the spare wheel. Well I hadn't even got a clue where it was but when we did find it it was a brand new full size tyre and was lovely and firm. I know for a fact that the pressure in that hadn't been checked for over two years but no harm seems to of come to it.

I always carry an air pump in the car anyway so in the event of havig to fit the spare would always bring it up to the correct pressure before driving off.

I had 2 punctures in the first 2 months of owning my Evo5 :( Does this mean I get the next 180000 miles puncture free? :D

dlgis, I think you are either:

A) Very unlucky
B) The victim of jealousy

I needen't get too cocky though... I've only had one puncture in thirteen years of driving so I guess I'm due one any day now! :D
Original Post:
Yeh, this is correct. It is no big deal swapping it: You jack up the rear, and fit the spare. The jack up the front, swap wheels, put the flat in the boot.
You mean you can't change both wheels by jacking up one end? My 8 year old GSR can do this (with a little help from Cusco strut braces!), I'm surprised the supposedly stiffer newer models can't.
Interestingly, the spare wheel is pointless if you upgrade your rear brakes, as it won't clear them!

I now carry around a nice can of reinflator!
Agreed, bin the spare, jack etc and carry tube of reinflator. Having changed a wheel on the hardshoulder of the M5 once (not on an evo) its not something I'd want to repeat twice to change a front tyre.

Saves weight too.
The only thing I've heard against tyre inflator (and as an ex owner of two Lotus cars I carried a can for over three years - no spare tyre) is that it ruins your tyre even if you only had a small punture. I'm not sure if this is true or not as I never had to use it but if it is then it makes for one very expensive punture.
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