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Graham Goode's tell me that Magnex are now doing a s/s exhaust for the evo5/6. Does anyone have any knowledge of how good this is compared to other options from HKS and Blitz ? - Its a bit cheaper and I'm a tight git, so it appeals !!

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I've got the Magnex system for my evo 6, but am still awaiting the downpipes. There has been a delay from Magnex.

The parts I have are of very high quality (I've had one of these systems on a previous car) and the lifetime warranty sold it for me.

I looked at some of the Jap options, but most were not s/s. The Mongoose was the other system I was weighing up.

Once I get the down pipes, I'll have it all fitted, but until then it sits there waiting!!

I also looked at getting a s/s exhaust manifold, but at a cost of £1600 (yes sixteen hundred) I gave it a miss. - So much for the Alfa style pipes under the bonnet!!

I'll post back and update you on how it performs border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Thanks fro that Naunt.

In fact, I've jumped-the-gun a bit and bought the Magnex system (less the front pipe as you say).

You should know that in order top get the tailpipe to clear the back valance, you need to open right-out the middle joint as far as possible(not push right-up the male and female parts), and even then, the noise inside the car is something to behold - absolutely ridiculous din !! If you add a large dog food tin (literally) and extend the tailpipe about 4 , then things are better, but still not good !

Furtehrmore, if anything power is down, with discernible lag when opening throttle - not something I've noticed in an EVO before !!

I've spoken to GGR, and am due back there is Weds/Thurs to have the system looked at. At present, I'm not a happy chap - the system is not what I have come to expect from Magnex in the past, and if you've not fitted yours yet, I strongly suggest that you don't until you hear more from me on this -

I'll keep you posted

P.S. If you've not bought yet, hand-on - I'll almost certainly (depends on how GGR react)have a second hand one for sale - its done about 60 miles, but I'll only want scrap value - so far thats all it seems to be worth.

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Dooh...... I've bought the exhaust already and it's been sitting in my front room for two weeks waiting for the down pipes.

This exhaust is a new model, so Magnex are bound to revise the parts to get it to clear the valence - I'm not too worried about that as they pride themselves quality and that will certainly include after sales service. I'd expect them to solve the problem and then supply the new parts FOC.

As for the noise, it sounds as though you've had a Magnex exhaust before. What car was it on and how loud is the evo in relation?

I've had a complete Magnex system on a 205GTi (wife's car) and everyone thinks it makes a lot of noise. You do get used to it and once the stereo is turned up a bit all is just perfect border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

Keep us updated as I really want to know how you get on. I too got the kit from Graham Goode (they seem to be up to the job as well) so any comments they have on the performance would be worth sharing.

Magnex claim that their exhausts are developed on a dyno so I would love to hear the explanation. I've heard other people on the site mention a loss in bottom end torque, but this is made up for higher up the rev range. I've never heard anything thing voiced this strongly. On a side note, did you install the CAT replacement pipe?

This could these problems be the reason behind the delay of the down pipes? Post an update as soon as you hear - please!!



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Naunt : Thought you'd be concerned ! Don't worry -it you've not fitted it yet, I'm sure GGR will take it back.

I suppose that the noise level is a bit relative (to your own ideas I mean) But it is very uncomfortabkle in the car, and embarassingly noisy outside - people stare (like they always do at an EVO) but instead of admiring glances you will get wry smiles - you feel a prat I can tell you. I'm a bit old (35)for furry dice and bang-bang music, but if you're not, you might love it !! But you will, I assure you, go deaf.

My last Escort cossie had a magnex system as did two of my previous sapphire cossies - they were much less noisy (esp. in the car) than this.This just sounds crass.

I've spoken to Glen at GGR this morning and am waiting for him to call me back after he's spoken to Magnex.

Yes, I did install the cat replacement pipe, and wish now that's all I'd installed - the original system was much quieter, and I expect that removing cat would have made little difference in that respect.I'll be removing the balance of the system (not cat replacement) tonight unless GGR tell me they want me to take the car to them to see for themselves - I can't bear the noise any longer - really it IS that bad.

As an aside, my brother-in-law, who is an engineering consultant (who does know a thing-or-two apparently) says that he thinks its setting-up a harmonic vibration which is impeding the gas flow , and creating the vibration in the floorpan of the car - which, by the way, is another disconcerting side effect !

I'll keep you informed......

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Hi everyone!!!

I've got a SUPERSPRINT stainless steel exhaust system on my EVOLUTION V,70mm pipework 120mm
tail,composed of front turbo downpipe,cat replacement pipe(not stainless),middle pipe
without any silencer,and muffler.

When I bought the car the cat back system was aleady on it(middle pipe and muffler),
and the car was working very well,the torque was good and it was not very noisy.

As I wished to have more sound and,why not,a few more bhp,I bought the downpipe and
the cat replacement pipe of the same brand.

-The sound was a little bit more metallic ,and the only really noticeable difference
was at high rpm.

-The power was a little bit higher,but at really high rpm,less mid range torque.

-When I was pushing the car really hard or at high speed and it become really warm,
the exhaust starts to vibrate,like if it was touching something under the car,but after
many checks,nothing wrong was found?(I'll try to go for RALLIART exhaust bushings)

-I tryied all the possible configurations-std downpipe,cat rep.pipe,cat back system.
Quite the same as the cat back system.

-full exhaust,better sound,less mid range
and the max power is at 7000 rpm!!!

-Cat back system,probably the best compromise,
no problems at all and probably better torque
and power than standard.

Now I ve got the full system fitted,except for the catalyzer that is standard,
and now it goes well.I'd like to have my car just a little noyser,the SUPERSPRINT
muffler is not very noisy,it's TUV approved!

Does any of you had vibration or fitting problems and solutions?
Let me know the technical details about your MAGNEX exhaust system(diameter,power and torque claimed,number of parts...)and how much do you ask for it.

Best regards


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Problem Solved :

Following a trip to Magnex factory (this morning), tailpipe modified - anyone who wants to know exactly what the problem is/was can call me (please to save me typing a very long explanation) - 01526 860 757 office hours.

Suffice to say - now happy with system, but required mod is not something you can do yoursleves !!

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Hi Redfive!
I'm happy to know that you found a solution!

Do you think that your problem is only related to MAGNEX system or it could be the
same for SUPERSPRINT,and also the modification!

It would be better for me if you could type it down,but I won't insist...

In one of your previous messages you were talking about back valance ...
What do you mean by that(English is not my firt language!!!),I didn't get everything:

You should know that in order top get the tailpipe to clear the back valance, you need to open right-out the middle joint as far as possible(not push right-up the male and female parts)

Anyway thank you for your help!!!



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No : the probelm I had was unique to the magnex system. In essence, the tailpipe was a bit too short. Combined with the reverberation from the open tailpipe, this resulted in a vibratioin being set-up in the rear of the car.

The solution has been to lengthen the tailpipe (just 15mm) and install inner lining to tailpipe of sound absorbing lagging - thus reducing the raspyness (no such word) of the sound. The systems is now fine, and power is up throughout the rev. range !!

I dont know how this solution might affect your system, Maxi, but if you've got a lot of noise or vibration, try lengthening the tailpipe temporarily with a large food tin (split to suit diameter of tailpipe)- see if that makes any difference.

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Ok,thanks Redfive!

In fact,Yesterday night it was raining,and,as it did before,the exhaust started to vibrate
very hard when coming in contact with a lot of water!
That's really strange!

I'll try to fit the gr.n RALLIART exhaust bushes,and see how it works.

Anyway thank you for your help! I will keep you informed.

Best regards

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