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Madmac Motorsport's Twincharged Evo 5

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During the winter build of the old Evo 5 hillclimb slag I decided to look at ways of reducing the turbo lag which was becoming an issue and costing precious hundredths of seconds on the hills last year. It never lacked top end power but the lag really started to get to me and i knew i could make it quicker point to point by reducing the lag - but keeping top end power.
I looked at many possible ways to do this but in the end settled for adding a supercharger to run in conjunction with the turbo.

Designed and built by myself with input from friends and members on MLR, most parts have been fabricated in my garage from whatever was lying around, the end result has been worth the blood, Sweat and tears I've put into this.

We've had her on the dyno at Wallace Performance in Aberdeen and had surprisingly few teething problems considering the unknowns and the huge amount of bespoke parts that needed to be designed, fabricated and made. Initial mapping is done now and the whole package is showing some serious potential! We've decided to keep the system at it's minimum until i do reliability tests and learn how to drive it properly :angel:

I've also designed and built a tubular front subframe and arms (total 9Kg:D) to reduce front weight and while i was at it, it seemed rude not to play with the suspension geometry!

I want to thank a few people for their input and help:

Russ and the guys at Wallace Performance who did the mapping and supplied parts/tea/banter etc. Top guys and never ones to shy from a challenge! Can't thank you enough:smthumbup:D.

My mate Steve Marr who is the main technical guru, and who i regularly bugged to ask lots of questions on a daily basis:smthumbup.

My mate Graeme Wight Jnr for his help with the front subframe and major suspension geometry changes, Exhaust and general setting up

Alan Young Engineering Ltd for the quality machined bespoke pulleys and parts, Spot-on parts and great prices

And everyone else who suffered because of my constant lust for knowledge during the build:smthumbup:D

As yet i've to do some miles and get her setup for the start of the 2010 Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship, so for the moment i'm being realistic about expectations & screwing the nut until i check everything over and get used to driving it. Hoping to do some track testing soon though. I've had her out for a short drive and so far the whole package is working impressively. Instant delivery at anything above 2500rpm with absolutely awesome accelleration in every gear! This is on it's lowest boost setting too....

Over the next few months The guys at Wallace Performance & I are going to refine some of the setup and see what she's really capable of! We know we can find a lot more power & torque with some simple changes.

Meantime i'm happy with the initial results and looking forward to Doune Hillclimb in 2 weeks:D:D Should be fun!

Keep watching....;)


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no doubt Donald but you know you'd rather do it. catch me if you can :lol:
Careful, no one likes a smart arse :mhihi:
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We have the front shocks back and installed again, alignment complete and ready to go to Harewood Hillclimb this weekend :smthumbup

Hopefully the weather and car will hold out!
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Nice one Donald :smthumbup

See you Sunday mate.
Back home with a complete car again :lol:

Not my best event, a few setup issues with the handling didn't inspire enough confidence to push any harder over the weekend so my best time was a 60.07s on Sunday.

I need to look closer at the rear brakes as they were making the back of the car step out under hard braking. Can't think at the moment why they have suddenly started doing this. Further investigation needed.

It stayed dry. Saturday there was a fair bit of oil laid down on the track by a couple of cars and everyones times were about 1 - 1.5s slower. Sunday the grip was there, just not the talent! I couldn't hook up a decent run or push harder due to the braking problem.

Here's the in-car from my quickest run. Very scrappy!

The flatshift wouldn't allow the change from 1st to 2nd off the line then the red mist descended. Too hot into a couple of corners, lockup into Willow, too hot through Farmhouse resulting in understeer and backed off early for the last corners. The previous run i was onto the grass due to the brake issue so again didn't have the confidence to keep the throttle on any longer!

Fintray Hillclimb in 2 weeks. I'll get a chance to go over the car properly later in the week and see what's going on with the brakes and look at the geometry setup again. A few minor changes were tried for Harewood but it seems to be a backward step :eek:

Well done to Steven Darley on the class win.
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if you send me the vbox data I'll overlay it with your 58.9 from 2011.

we could also overlay your PB with Stephen's if you both want to? would be interesting to look at.:)
Great drive Donald, well done. Shame about the gear change issue.
Was good to catch up with you :smthumbup
Here's Stevens run from yesterday 58.88s? V's mine from 2 years ago 58.93s

A bit of a pain getting them to start at the same time but it does eventually if you keep hitting replay :lol:'Nymous
was nice to see you again, please pass my thanks on for the video's :)
was nice to see you again, please pass my thanks on for the video's :)
And you, shame about the eligibility issues you had! Thanks passed on already :smthumbup

Brakes should be sorted but not had a chance to really test drive Tiddles yet so the first run at Fintray tomorrow could be interesting :lol:

Forecast for the weekend is wet, both days but fintray is one of those hills that Tiddles excels at in the wet due to the traction the 4wd gives us. No predictions yet, as long as i take her home in one piece with a smile i'll be happy :lol:

If you are coming along to spectate, come over and say hi ;)
Not long back from Sunny Fintray double-header.

Happy to say Tiddles had no issues all weekend and performed well :D.

Saturday started damp with a heavy shower at lunchtime but the track dried quickly where the sun reached it. The finish line/hairpin was still wet under the trees so no record-breaking times. Ended the day on a 29.20s, one second away from the record.

Sunday was warm, sunny but windy and the track stayed dry (Yay!). Started where I finished on Saturday on a 29.21s in first practice. I started pushing on a bit through the day and became comfortable with the way the car is handling - very different to how she used to handle now that the diffs are setup, and got to within 0.03s of the record on T1. T2 I went too hot into the hairpin and wide and lost some time to finish at 28.31s, slightly slower, but consistent!

Both days the times were enough to win the class and 2nd in the Modprod Division and valuable points gained. I'm still using last years Avons which aren't as good as they were when new so overall happy enough with the weekend

She's handling quite differently now and I realised today i had to start driving her hard and committed to get the best and learn from the new setup. Have to admit i really needed the seat time to learn and i'm liking the way she's more oversteer orientated now, and the corner exit traction is impressive. Next event is Doune in 4 weeks which i hope is going to be dry!

I only discovered when i looked the the videos today that there's no sound or data but here's the 28.24s run anyway

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Wow cars looking quick Donald. When You putting some new Avons on?

There is sound with the volume right up btw
Wow cars looking quick Donald. When You putting some new Avons on?

There is sound with the volume right up btw
Sadly can't afford new slicks this year :cry:. Aye she was going well all weekend though, can't fault her pace! Cheers for the tip on the sound, i found the microphones unplugged after getting home so didn't think to turn the volume right up. Can't think how it managed to record any sound without mics though!

Now I can hear that WAS the run I backed off before the line as i was scrabbling for grip after the hairpin and was off line (too far to the right) to take the finish flat. It's easy to lose it coming over the line in a heavy saloon at 85mph as the track curves right and drops down! There's been a few cars embedded deep into the trees over the years. I don't fancy that tbh and had a few close ones over the years there

Now i'm wondering if that lift-off was worth 0.04s and cost me the record. No data to use:wallbang:
So you could have beat your record but ended up in the trees! How much time do you thinks to be gained with new tyres

Yeah strange you got some sound.
Excellent stuff Donald, really pleased you're liking the new diff set-up, was a bit concerned after Harewood!

After a bit more seat time, getting to grips with the new found traction and balance, you should be ready to break some records. :smthumbup
So you could have beat your record but ended up in the trees! How much time do you thinks to be gained with new tyres

Yeah strange you got some sound.
New avons would be worth maybe 1/4 - 1/2 a second at fintray. These old ones are definitely not as good as they were when new but they're still pretty good. The first event on them you notice the extra grip at the first corner. They're never as good again which is why the teams with big budgets use new slicks every event. I wish!

Clive, for years she's had a tendency towards understeer when pushing hard and the back end never moved, even when provoked. Now I can loosen the back end on throttle and the front diff is pulling the front into the corner. It's a different animal now it's taken longer to adjust to it. I'm really liking it now and had a play through Ruin to see how far I could push resulting in some nice drifts :D. Thanks again for setting them up :smthumbup. The corner exit traction is incredible

I also came to the conclusion not having a road car for a year has made me a bit rusty!
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Ready for Doune this weekend :naughty:. Hopefully the weather will stay dry this time and we get a chance to build up some pace over the weekend. I'm happy she's fit for a record, just need to get some good runs in and push harder :lol:

Nothing needed done after Fintray apart from the usual checks so she's had a clean and polish. I'm still using last years Avons which have cleaned up well again but they definitely feel slightly harder than when new, which is to be expected at 16 months old. Hopefully the Vbox is behaving itself again but not done any testing. i'll check it after the first run anyway.

Doune is the finale to the Scottish Championship and a counter in the British Championship so there will be some expensive machinery there battling for the top slots. Well worth a look ;)

Got a clip trackside of my T1 run at Fintray on the Sunday:

I'll update after Doune, then it's down to Loton Park for the finale of the British in 2 weeks :smthumbup
Any trips to Harewood before the end of the season Donald? I have yet to witness tiddles in full glory:smthumbup
Any trips to Harewood before the end of the season Donald? I have yet to witness tiddles in full glory:smthumbup
No, only loton park before the end of the season. Maybe next year
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