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Madmac Motorsport's Twincharged Evo 5

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During the winter build of the old Evo 5 hillclimb slag I decided to look at ways of reducing the turbo lag which was becoming an issue and costing precious hundredths of seconds on the hills last year. It never lacked top end power but the lag really started to get to me and i knew i could make it quicker point to point by reducing the lag - but keeping top end power.
I looked at many possible ways to do this but in the end settled for adding a supercharger to run in conjunction with the turbo.

Designed and built by myself with input from friends and members on MLR, most parts have been fabricated in my garage from whatever was lying around, the end result has been worth the blood, Sweat and tears I've put into this.

We've had her on the dyno at Wallace Performance in Aberdeen and had surprisingly few teething problems considering the unknowns and the huge amount of bespoke parts that needed to be designed, fabricated and made. Initial mapping is done now and the whole package is showing some serious potential! We've decided to keep the system at it's minimum until i do reliability tests and learn how to drive it properly :angel:

I've also designed and built a tubular front subframe and arms (total 9Kg:D) to reduce front weight and while i was at it, it seemed rude not to play with the suspension geometry!

I want to thank a few people for their input and help:

Russ and the guys at Wallace Performance who did the mapping and supplied parts/tea/banter etc. Top guys and never ones to shy from a challenge! Can't thank you enough:smthumbup:D.

My mate Steve Marr who is the main technical guru, and who i regularly bugged to ask lots of questions on a daily basis:smthumbup.

My mate Graeme Wight Jnr for his help with the front subframe and major suspension geometry changes, Exhaust and general setting up

Alan Young Engineering Ltd for the quality machined bespoke pulleys and parts, Spot-on parts and great prices

And everyone else who suffered because of my constant lust for knowledge during the build:smthumbup:D

As yet i've to do some miles and get her setup for the start of the 2010 Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship, so for the moment i'm being realistic about expectations & screwing the nut until i check everything over and get used to driving it. Hoping to do some track testing soon though. I've had her out for a short drive and so far the whole package is working impressively. Instant delivery at anything above 2500rpm with absolutely awesome accelleration in every gear! This is on it's lowest boost setting too....

Over the next few months The guys at Wallace Performance & I are going to refine some of the setup and see what she's really capable of! We know we can find a lot more power & torque with some simple changes.

Meantime i'm happy with the initial results and looking forward to Doune Hillclimb in 2 weeks:D:D Should be fun!

Keep watching....;)


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Interesting Donald :)

Now post the other pictures, and the dyno torque curves !!

We've seen 480ft/lbs torque and around 360hp at 4000rpm. Should be interesting:naughty:
Could be very interesting :), your're getting near to . . . . . :eek:

Nice one Donald :)

Purely out of interest. What IAT's are you seeing in the various stages of the, long, induction system ;)

Interesting, and very good, numbers there Donald :)

I don't know what the dyno losses are but would suggest that you are getting near to the main bearing webs parting company with the block :eek:

600ft/lb at 4100 rev/min is about the limit without adding additional support to the main bearing caps (ladder cut off)

There's an idea of what can be done in this thread ;)

Small example to aid Donalds thread :)
50km/hr at zero revs! That's some dyno :D

Seriously :)


What boost are you running between 3500 & 4500 rev/min? pm/email if you prefer;)

Next time I see a certain engine without it's sump I'll sneek some pic's of block strengthening. All hidden in a standard(ish) sump :) - remind me

I look forward to seeing the boost graphs :D

BUT, and with no disrespect to Donald for what he has achieved :smthumbup, I have no confidence in any of the data posted today :eek:

Why, look again at the graphs. The horizontal calibration would appear to be in 20km/hr steps, ok. Then look at the corresponding rev/min change :confused:

50 - 70 km/hr > rev/min change = 1150
70 - 90 km/hr > rev/min change = 1500
90 - 110 km/hr > rev/min change = 940
110 - 130 km/hr > rev/min change = 650

So, what is happening? Clutch slip - quick (very) gear change - rollers changing diameter!! or just plain finger trouble - Hi Russ :naughty:

What more can I say other than, as has been said in the past, don't believe any rolling road graph :mhihi:


PS - Yes I am a SOG and tonight I'm in a PITA mood :crackup:
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You must have me mixed up with some efficient peron! Hehehe! ;)

Eva :crackup:

Alternator needed a new stator and rectifier but no reasons found for it frying itself. I should have it back in a few days with a modified rear cover so i can plumb in better cooling for the rectifier, just in case it's taken too much heat from the exhaust. I've also taken the opportunity to speed up the alternator as it wasn't giving out enough power until over 7000rpm. The pulleys were designed and should be here in a few days
I've only seen one, genuine*, ND alternator with a fried stator :eek: It was due to fluid (oil) contamination and the resulting conflagration :cry:

I see the occasional dead rectifiers and many dead regulators all of which took exception to close, 25mm ish, clearance from the exhaust manifold !

Make sure that you have clearance around the body of the alternator as the cooling air comes in front and back and out of the sides


* your alternator could be a copy from "china" :confused: - PM or email only to clarify this comment!
She's still billowing out black smoke but the blue smoke has gone. I think she would be run-in by now :crackup:.
Maybe a DPF would be in order :eek: ;)

Re Subframes, I'll email some pic's of GrpA/WRC subframes and suspension, the could give you some (more) ideas :)


With the help of a specialist racing component machine/design company i took both front and rear subframes down south at the weekend and had them both digitally mapped in 3D :D :naughty:
A long way down south, I believe!

Good work Donald :smthumbup

I'd be interested to know the changes made from your prototype ;)

Ah, the old Xtrac G4 box from 1984 :coolsm:. there's still a few around ;). See a reprint from CCC here

Fortunately you have the valve block and wiring to the diff controller. The diff controller was a very basic analogue unit made by Chris Goddard of AGR. He stopped supporting it 15 or so years ago. I'll see if I can find one this afternoon.



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Well, I failed miserably today to find an AGR diff controller? My mate/customer is still in the EU

I did however find a 2.8l Hart engine (dry sumped!) lying around :eek: and lots of new (old) Xtrac spares for G4 and RS200 transmissions :coolsm:

PM follows



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It'll be something like bethel or gertie:lol:
It's more likely to be named Martin (Schwancher) . . . . . :D
The good old Ford 1in 23 spline gearbox input shaft :). If you haven't sussed it the bellhousing bolt pattern is that of a 711M/BD engine

Try and avoid modifying and of the Xtrac castings, they could be valuable (TBC) ;)

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Good news ???

I guess the, possible, transmission issue is resolved ;)

Now get on with the Evo subframes :eek:

Concept Racing in Ross-on-Wye can make you a really special intercooler. But it will cost proper money!
Donald is a DIY person, and a Scot :lol:
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Only 3 months to the start of the season and a lot of work to do yet!
Does the 3 month timescale include sorting out the spaghetti :lol:
Wiring - Arrrggghhhhhhh! :wallbang:

This assumes all the wiring is okay :lol:

A Motec PDM, or equal, would have made life easier but the £££ ;)

Call me with any last minute issues :)

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