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Madmac Motorsport's Twincharged Evo 5

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During the winter build of the old Evo 5 hillclimb slag I decided to look at ways of reducing the turbo lag which was becoming an issue and costing precious hundredths of seconds on the hills last year. It never lacked top end power but the lag really started to get to me and i knew i could make it quicker point to point by reducing the lag - but keeping top end power.
I looked at many possible ways to do this but in the end settled for adding a supercharger to run in conjunction with the turbo.

Designed and built by myself with input from friends and members on MLR, most parts have been fabricated in my garage from whatever was lying around, the end result has been worth the blood, Sweat and tears I've put into this.

We've had her on the dyno at Wallace Performance in Aberdeen and had surprisingly few teething problems considering the unknowns and the huge amount of bespoke parts that needed to be designed, fabricated and made. Initial mapping is done now and the whole package is showing some serious potential! We've decided to keep the system at it's minimum until i do reliability tests and learn how to drive it properly :angel:

I've also designed and built a tubular front subframe and arms (total 9Kg:D) to reduce front weight and while i was at it, it seemed rude not to play with the suspension geometry!

I want to thank a few people for their input and help:

Russ and the guys at Wallace Performance who did the mapping and supplied parts/tea/banter etc. Top guys and never ones to shy from a challenge! Can't thank you enough:smthumbup:D.

My mate Steve Marr who is the main technical guru, and who i regularly bugged to ask lots of questions on a daily basis:smthumbup.

My mate Graeme Wight Jnr for his help with the front subframe and major suspension geometry changes, Exhaust and general setting up

Alan Young Engineering Ltd for the quality machined bespoke pulleys and parts, Spot-on parts and great prices

And everyone else who suffered because of my constant lust for knowledge during the build:smthumbup:D

As yet i've to do some miles and get her setup for the start of the 2010 Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship, so for the moment i'm being realistic about expectations & screwing the nut until i check everything over and get used to driving it. Hoping to do some track testing soon though. I've had her out for a short drive and so far the whole package is working impressively. Instant delivery at anything above 2500rpm with absolutely awesome accelleration in every gear! This is on it's lowest boost setting too....

Over the next few months The guys at Wallace Performance & I are going to refine some of the setup and see what she's really capable of! We know we can find a lot more power & torque with some simple changes.

Meantime i'm happy with the initial results and looking forward to Doune Hillclimb in 2 weeks:D:D Should be fun!

Keep watching....;)


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still cant believe how well the first set of XP8 have lasted considering the abuse they get :eek:
The aim is to get to the finish line as quickly as possible therefore brakes should only be used sparingly :crackup: :crackup: :D

I had Tiddles mapped for 100RON Sunoco fuel at the start of the week in advance of Fintray Hillclimb this weekend and saw some decent gains through the whole rev range :D. 702hp at the wheels and using a conservative 21% transmission loss factor equates to roughly 850hp at the flywheel :eek:

I spent all week fettling and tidying up the car then got a message to say that Fintray was cancelled due to the paddock and field being under a foot of mud. Gutted :cry:

Next event is June Doune although i may do Golspie sprint before then as i've not really driven her in anger this year and could do with the seat time. Golspie would be good to stretch the legs ;)

Meantime she's losing weight :smthumbup
Same dyno. It's the gains low down and mid range that i was after this time. I'm using a conservative 21% figure for the losses rather than coast down on the dyno for flywheel HP this time. The old tyres i use for the dyno have gone hard so getting grip on the rollers at the transition between aceleration and lifting off the throttle seemed to be difficult and threw the loss readings off.

I guess it doesn't really matter the flywheel figures, it's putting over 700hp to the tyres which i would describe as 'adequate' at the moment! :lol:

The supercharger is going to be consuming 70-90 crank hp too so the actual engine figure is likely over 900hp. Not bad for 100RON fuel and a T04Z turbo. Hopefully the MSA will allow us to use E85 in hillclimbs soon enough which would mean i can lower the boost for reliability and see similar figures - or just see how far we can push the boundaries! :angel:
Come on, tell us about the project?
No! A bit early for that :lol:
how fast will the new project do Doune:D
General consensus is it should be capable of taking on the outright championship if i take my time and build it right :D
Right, I've just secured my new project so Tiddles is up for sale, preferably as a complete car but i may break her if I absolutely have to. Problem is if i resort to breaking her, the twincharger and engine stays here and the technology stays here too.

Selling complete allows someone to get their hands on my technology of course ;)

Meantime i'll still be doing the Alford Sprint this weekend, MLR kames next weekend and TOTB - unless she sells before any of these events.

Fos sale thread should be up later today.

The end of an era, and the start of a new one for me :naughty:
You should get to harewood before she goes mate.
Maybe, depends on if she sells quickly or not. I suspect i'll still have her here in a few months so a visit to harewood could be on the cards :D
Good cos I'm gonna whup yer ass:la:
You know i can't walk away from a challenge.... :lol:
Haven't you got better things to do with your time:crackup:
Indeed, this thread is long enough as it is without adding bullpoo posts :lol:

For sale thread up now in case you haven't seen it ;)
Wow, that wouldn't have just been beating the record it would've been smashing it! :smthumbup:smthumbup
Indeed, the potential is there, just the freckin weather is poo! Still did a 55 in the wet, only a second away from the dry record :lol:

Just checked out the videos and on the quick run the video didn't start until the end of the start straight :wallbang:
Another excellent result, Donald. And you are selling the car because......?? :)
It's time to go faster :crackup:
I'll be using this box as it's designed for an in-line engine. So far it looks like it will be easy enough to mate the 4G63 to the bellhousing and use the 180mm Superclutch with the Evo flywheel.
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So is the Nitromors coming out for the next round of weight reduction:crackup:
Carbon doors, wings, bonnet, side skirts, bumpers and bootlid are all unpainted. Without the wrap, the only painted or steel parts of the car will be roof and quarter panels :D

pretty much all carbon visible everywhere else
Best ti get the full loom out mate ,, lay it out as if it was in the car then strip it .. Doing it in the car is a crap job.
Initially it was stripped out in the car as it was easily acessed where it was. We'll be taking it out to finish it off :smthumbup

The engine is still in as i'm limited for space in the garage - being taken over by moulds at the moment :lol:

To update the 'project':

I'm getting a new PAS pulley made as i've discovered the previous pulley was slighly off-centre, the reason the adjuster bracket broke and left me without power steering at Doune. I was going to beef up the bracket when the engine was out for rebuild so now I know why the failure happened i'm happy with my design.

My new COP coils have arrived so that's another job to be done this week - make a small loom. Hopefully this should be a good robust ignition system , 2-wire coils and remote 4-way amplifier. All the components for this system have only cost £200 (with 4 spare coils), all it needs now is pieced together :smthumbup

Will update as it happens.

Craig, i thought you'd be the one most tempted by the carbon dashboard, dunno why :lol:
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Hope that's lightweight paint :D:smthumbup
Of course it is! Minimal covering :lol:
Very much work in progress and started late in the winter so i doubt i'll get everything done that i want to. Last winter she had nothing done so this year i have catching up to do as the main problem was too much lard in there. I left the carpets in because the interior was untidy and unpainted, then with the dash fitment comes the wiring and gauges etc. The new intercooler is going to be a LOT of work - I have to cut a Garrett bar and plate core to shorten it then fabricate end tanks and all the ducting to make sure it gets enough airflow. Engine needs a rebuild, supercharger needs serviced and the remaining underfloor has to be re-made in composites. I suspect the underfloor will have to wait until later in the year :wallbang:

One step at a time although most of this winters work affects a few other aspects of the car so they all need dealt with before the start of the season.

As far as the Twincharger system is concerned, a quick check over and dyno session is all it's getting. I'm happy with the power and torque delivery and need to concentrate on the rest of the car which has been screaming for work to be done for years. It's lost a tenth of it's previous weight so far which will make a substantial difference to acceleration and cornering abilities, and up the pace overall :D
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Some long weekends and late nights coming up by the sound of it Donald ;):smthumbup
Yep another late night. I decided the dash needed proper support and finishing off around the tunnel area so I've started making a mould of the centre consul. With the seat back further I struggle to reach the dash so wanted another area close to the seat for switches that I'd need to reach when strapped in.

Photos to follow once the part is made in carbon:smthumbup
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Lots of goodies arrived today:smthumbup

Am well impressed with the electronic battery master switch, 140grammes :lol:

The IC core should be here next week so it's really just a case of putting it all together - lots of hours though as i'll also be making a few more carbon bits as I go.

No need for a diet myself, i'm not going to have much time to eat over the next few weeks :lol:
Getting there slowly. Most of the dash is cut/drilled for the 'furniture' now. Still have to mount a fair few items then we can start the wiring at last :smthumbup

IC core has arrived, it's going to be a pretty big job to build it into a working cooler and make it fit in the space. Cutting the core will test my welding abilities to the limit :lol:

Here's how the dash is looking as of today. I managed to scratch the console with a file while fettling the holes, but it should polish out ok. It looks worse in the photo because of the camera flash.

I should get a chance to start on the IC this weekend. More pics to follow as progress is made :smthumbup


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Coming along nicely Donald :)....if i was you i would get a pro to sort the intercooler if your not confident, for something under so much stress its gota be worth making sure its 110% :D

It's not under that much stress tbh so I'm confident it can be done. Am looking at another place for it at the moment which would involve two smaller engine radiators. Each has its pros and cons. Whatever way I end up mounting it, it's going to be a big job!
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