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Madmac Motorsport's Twincharged Evo 5

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During the winter build of the old Evo 5 hillclimb slag I decided to look at ways of reducing the turbo lag which was becoming an issue and costing precious hundredths of seconds on the hills last year. It never lacked top end power but the lag really started to get to me and i knew i could make it quicker point to point by reducing the lag - but keeping top end power.
I looked at many possible ways to do this but in the end settled for adding a supercharger to run in conjunction with the turbo.

Designed and built by myself with input from friends and members on MLR, most parts have been fabricated in my garage from whatever was lying around, the end result has been worth the blood, Sweat and tears I've put into this.

We've had her on the dyno at Wallace Performance in Aberdeen and had surprisingly few teething problems considering the unknowns and the huge amount of bespoke parts that needed to be designed, fabricated and made. Initial mapping is done now and the whole package is showing some serious potential! We've decided to keep the system at it's minimum until i do reliability tests and learn how to drive it properly :angel:

I've also designed and built a tubular front subframe and arms (total 9Kg:D) to reduce front weight and while i was at it, it seemed rude not to play with the suspension geometry!

I want to thank a few people for their input and help:

Russ and the guys at Wallace Performance who did the mapping and supplied parts/tea/banter etc. Top guys and never ones to shy from a challenge! Can't thank you enough:smthumbup:D.

My mate Steve Marr who is the main technical guru, and who i regularly bugged to ask lots of questions on a daily basis:smthumbup.

My mate Graeme Wight Jnr for his help with the front subframe and major suspension geometry changes, Exhaust and general setting up

Alan Young Engineering Ltd for the quality machined bespoke pulleys and parts, Spot-on parts and great prices

And everyone else who suffered because of my constant lust for knowledge during the build:smthumbup:D

As yet i've to do some miles and get her setup for the start of the 2010 Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship, so for the moment i'm being realistic about expectations & screwing the nut until i check everything over and get used to driving it. Hoping to do some track testing soon though. I've had her out for a short drive and so far the whole package is working impressively. Instant delivery at anything above 2500rpm with absolutely awesome accelleration in every gear! This is on it's lowest boost setting too....

Over the next few months The guys at Wallace Performance & I are going to refine some of the setup and see what she's really capable of! We know we can find a lot more power & torque with some simple changes.

Meantime i'm happy with the initial results and looking forward to Doune Hillclimb in 2 weeks:D:D Should be fun!

Keep watching....;)


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It's a new Lithium Ion battery i'm testing, which so far has made everything i know about batteries obsolete :lol:

I'll report on how it gets on after Doune :D
I've been running these on bikes for a few years now. 3kg lead acid becomes a 350g unit on a 600cc bike. Very impressive and huge cranking power.
That's what i'm aiming for but i have a day job that i need to pay the mortgage so i don't have time for mass production just now :cry:

Kenny, i'm looking into doing a group buy on these batteries soon but need to firm up availability and prices before committing. I reckon these will be popular :smthumbup
Do they charge off a normal trickle charger or use a fast rate high amp charge?

I've been down this route and its not easy, you need a marketing edge and to target the right market. How many people will want to save 10kg on a 1300kg car for what 300 quid? Even on a 170kg motorbike i can have some people "um and arr" about it. Not trying to be negative at all but just don't go to town on tooling for cases and stock until you have a real good grasp of the potential market.
congratulations donald. you have the loudest dump valve ever!! :lol: hows that samsonas gearbox holding up to all that torque?? :)
Samsonas? Tell me more. I've been thinking about one for mine. How about a quick review of it. What ecu are you running?
Ha, my car is almost finished and everyone gets scared and sells up fast. Boooo
Single seater with front driveshafts, interesting
Not running a turbine to supply boost is it? ......
No, it's not Nick Mann's Mallock - good guess tho :smthumbup

It will be along the same lines as the Mallock, but with my Evo Twincharger powerplant, possibly running on methanol :D...................:lol:...................:crackup:................:eek:
The non-mallock front end gave that away:smthumbup
Kind of figured it would be some similar crackpot idea though
Loved his morris minor
General wiring, dash, heater EW, CL, glass, interior etc and keepin her road legal. Although the car is already light due to the subframes and titty prop etc, it still carries a lot of extra weight with all that above plus the GRP underfloor and twincharger system. I re-made the front bumper and floor section which has reduced the front end from 19Kg (suspect the layers have absorbed water over the years) down to only 6Kg :D. The remaining floor can lose another 20kg once i get round to re-making the remaining sections in pre-preg. The chargecooler is being replaced with a trick IC design over the winter which will take another 25kg off ;)

I'm aiming for sub 1100kg at the moment although ultimately sub 1000kg is the main target ;)
Very nice, keep up the good work :)
It's also become evident that although she's an unusual car, prospective buyers are being put off by the lack of understanding of the car's systems and assume it's a complex car, therefore she's virtually un-sellable complete. For what it's worth, it's actually all very simple. You just need to think outside the box and open your mind ;)
Haha, i really feel like going right off on one reading that and writing a half book ..... but i'm too knackered thankfully:lol:

Really looking forward to what you do next.

By the way, what ecu are you running?
Quick update:

I'm delivering the Vision project to its new owner tomorrow :smthumbup.

Loading it in the van made me feel a bit sad as i had such high hopes for the project but just couldn't lose the fact that deep down Tiddles has been such an amazing project that i want to see just how far i can go with her, and as Tim said earlier in the thread i know it so well and have a direction to follow to improve and lighten the car.

There's enough space in the garage to get going on Tiddles now so i'll update with anything interesting :D
Good now its time to get really really clever and refine the weight, weight transfer and driveability. Makes great reading this anyway, not sure the vision would have been as exciting.
I finally got going on Tiddles at New Year :naughty:. She's pretty much stripped, wiring stripped, 1.5Kg dash ready to go in. I'm remaking the seat mounts to move the position and adding some more roll cage to accommodate a new harness and fitting a heated front screen while i'm at it. I'm leaving the lights/wipers etc wiring in to keep it MOTable in the future but intend to swap the lights over for carbon covers if i can get time to make moulds :naughty:.

I've decided to keep the heater matrix and make 2 cowls to duct air through the matrix to the dashboard with 4" tumble dryer hose. So far it's coming together and already 61Kg of weight removed that isn't going back in. An electrical valve in the coolant hose will control hot/cold on the heater and give an option for a wee bit extra engine cooling.

The removal of the chargecooler system has to wait until I know if I can get the right intercooler core to change the cooling method. The whole system is heavy and next development would be to increase the tube sizes and fit a larger pump as the chargecooler itself is great at removing heat, as long as it's getting cold water. The 22mm pipework is too small to move that amount of water through the system so it's either add more coolant/weight, or change to an intercooler setup which should only be about 9-10kg. This should remove 30kg of weight again.

With the wiring changes we're going to run a COP setup with independent amplifier and move away from the wasted spark system. At the moment i'm waiting on a set of custom seat brackets and making the heater matrix shrouds.

It was 1218kg straight off the trailer after Doune with only half a litre of fuel. I'll weigh it again just before Doune in April .

I'll update with photos once there's interesting stuff to photograph :lol:

The project continues.... :D
Concept Racing in Ross-on-Wye can make you a really special intercooler. But it will cost proper money!
When's the next meet at Harewood Kenny? I was talking to some of the guys about this on Saturday as our next Scottish event is not for another 5 weeks and thought about doing an English hill to fill the gap :naughty: :D
Can you give me a link to a video please.
Donald, can you help me loose weight too?
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Misfire gone :D. It was loom interference all along, not a quick fix by any means.

Test drive okay, smooth and pulls well. Now we can get a proper map in there :naughty:
Well done.
Cam or crank trigger?
Did you want those other dwell figures?
:lol: Brilliant! :smthumbup
My mrs said she wanted a convertible.


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Quick update: tiddles is absolutely bonkers now, almost terrifyingly so! Didn't get the record, just no grip and being the first time I've driven her in this guise I was having difficulty putting the power down. Most said the track didn't have the grip of last year so hopefully tomorrow it will improve. Bearing in mind it's a working farm road and still dusty.

I'll be checking data tonight to compare from last years runs so will update later. Should have a video to upload too.

It all kicks off again tomorrow. :smthumbup
Power management grasshopper
Ok, so I get at least one email a week from other people who are building a twincharged motor asking for my help. Since I've spent hundreds of hours developing my system, trying new things and generally learning how it works, I cant just go giving out info such as pulley ratios, changeover valves and bypasses etc so is it too much to expect ( as a business) to charge a small fee for advice and help?

What is it with people, as soon as a fee is mentioned, and I'm talking about a small amount, I never hear back from them again?

To clarify this for anyone who needs advice, im happy to advise, help and generally spend time pointing you in the right direction, I will ask for a fee to time. Consider the cost of a destroyed engine, supercharger, turbo etc and compare it to the small cost of experienced advice. Its no skin off my nose if you dont want to pay for advice but please have the decency to say thanks for the initial free advice I always give on my first reply :shake:

Manners cost nothing. This applies to over 100 enquiries since this thread began .:eek:

Rant over
I'm afraid that is a sign of the times and i blame a good portion of this mentality on the forums. They are great for the social aspect but they are utterly terrible on occasions for people writing utter rubbish on a subject they know little to nothing about. People get used to receiving what they perceive as the answers to everything for nothing - regardless of whether the answers are right or wrong, its an answer!

As a tuning business i get bombarded with these pm's/emails/phone calls. You just have to write off a chunk of your working life to it because although many are time wasters, quite a few are genuine enquiries from decent folk. Nature of the beast. Spend 3 hours putting a big quote together with lots of detail as that is what they ask for and say ".... final price £5,500" only for them to never reply or to say "oh i thought it would be £500" :wallbang: A plumber wouldn't show up at your house for free and you can bet your ass most people wouldn't stop 2 hrs after work for free in their job each day!

What you can't do is give your technology away because be assured someone else will sell the ass out of it for nothing. Set your line in the sand and stick to it. Good luck and keep the faith Donald :smthumbup
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