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Madmac Motorsport's Twincharged Evo 5

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During the winter build of the old Evo 5 hillclimb slag I decided to look at ways of reducing the turbo lag which was becoming an issue and costing precious hundredths of seconds on the hills last year. It never lacked top end power but the lag really started to get to me and i knew i could make it quicker point to point by reducing the lag - but keeping top end power.
I looked at many possible ways to do this but in the end settled for adding a supercharger to run in conjunction with the turbo.

Designed and built by myself with input from friends and members on MLR, most parts have been fabricated in my garage from whatever was lying around, the end result has been worth the blood, Sweat and tears I've put into this.

We've had her on the dyno at Wallace Performance in Aberdeen and had surprisingly few teething problems considering the unknowns and the huge amount of bespoke parts that needed to be designed, fabricated and made. Initial mapping is done now and the whole package is showing some serious potential! We've decided to keep the system at it's minimum until i do reliability tests and learn how to drive it properly :angel:

I've also designed and built a tubular front subframe and arms (total 9Kg:D) to reduce front weight and while i was at it, it seemed rude not to play with the suspension geometry!

I want to thank a few people for their input and help:

Russ and the guys at Wallace Performance who did the mapping and supplied parts/tea/banter etc. Top guys and never ones to shy from a challenge! Can't thank you enough:smthumbup:D.

My mate Steve Marr who is the main technical guru, and who i regularly bugged to ask lots of questions on a daily basis:smthumbup.

My mate Graeme Wight Jnr for his help with the front subframe and major suspension geometry changes, Exhaust and general setting up

Alan Young Engineering Ltd for the quality machined bespoke pulleys and parts, Spot-on parts and great prices

And everyone else who suffered because of my constant lust for knowledge during the build:smthumbup:D

As yet i've to do some miles and get her setup for the start of the 2010 Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship, so for the moment i'm being realistic about expectations & screwing the nut until i check everything over and get used to driving it. Hoping to do some track testing soon though. I've had her out for a short drive and so far the whole package is working impressively. Instant delivery at anything above 2500rpm with absolutely awesome accelleration in every gear! This is on it's lowest boost setting too....

Over the next few months The guys at Wallace Performance & I are going to refine some of the setup and see what she's really capable of! We know we can find a lot more power & torque with some simple changes.

Meantime i'm happy with the initial results and looking forward to Doune Hillclimb in 2 weeks:D:D Should be fun!

Keep watching....;)


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The mould is by far the biggest time consumer with this kind of work. How some can sell composites cheap is beyond me
Your not wrong there Tim , but there's the people that don't put the hours in and charge the earth too which isn't right either , as you know I have first hand experience of this one . They charge champaign money but produce beer quality products "cracks me up " . Well done Donald another weight saving mod in the making and looking good !
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Much better to be up front, social media last resort I guess, much better to be 100% honest though, too many things are swept under the carpet in this game, you only get to test customer service when things actually go wrong though. I have had both extremes.
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I had a visit to harewood last month and thought what an amazing track it was . Locals were welcoming too and I can't help thinking your car will be a weapon around there . Any updates ?
I am sorry to hear that , 1.8 bar of boost isn't huge and am guessing there's some underlying issue or simply the engine said " enough is enough " . I always admire the builds that are extreme like yours and love seeing the times laid down at hills around the world . Good luck with the repairs and hope it's not too expensive to repair . Glad in many ways mines only 600 hp still .
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I hope this thread doesn't turn into the usual bitch fest that others have of late . Things do fail in motor sport especially at this level and I know even over the 4 years I have competed that at every event new things are learnt . Madmac will return faster and fitter than before I am sure of that . Keep up the good work mate .
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Good to see you at the harewood event on Saturday . Hope this whole saga comes good again for you . The human race can be a very unreasonable bunch with out mentioning any names just now but take it from me I know exactly where your coming from .
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Do you dislike Norris Designs also? It is proving a hard job to find a mapper that at least a handful of people say is no good
If you would like to pm me we can take it from there . I would like to keep mad macs thread clean .
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Stephen & Simon do not get on so my advice would be do your own research rather than taking advice off anyone who may have an axe to grind :)
Simons mapping skills have never been questioned by me though .
You have me confused then. Several people recommended him highly
Then go to Simon . I have already said I am sure his mapping is fine . It's personal preference really .
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Lancashire. Between Blackpool and Preston. I am happy to travel as long as the right person maps it. Cost is not my primary concern
Nick at NR autosport would be more local to you .
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