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Hi everyone

Boy, glad the board is back on - had to spend some time at Scoobynet for gawds sake !!!

My mate spent 3 days last week blatting round the isle of Skye in the press silver EVO7 (M7 GSR), lucky g1t... but then he's art editor for top gear magazine and this w/e had to drive to Barcelona in a mondeo and hated every minute of it :). I followed him to work on tuesday as he borrowed the 7 for a few days and I must say that it looked great carving up roundabouts and behaving hooligan-wise on route to white city :) The looks really are growing on me esp. after seeing a couple at Bolney... that steering wheel is the biZ.

To anyone who has driven a 6 and a 7... can you accurately tell us what the difference in drive is like. Im interested in the overall compliance, the feeling of grip, turn in, sensation of speed, power band, lag etc.. etc.. when compared to the 6. I don't really remember any magazine clearly describing the differences (aprt from one mag who said the 7 is softer but more alive ????). Surely the 7 handling is ultimately a step on given the more advanced 4wd system (acd etc..) and also the wider tyres ? Is the steering the same or any better for feel and just how much softer is teh suspension ?



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M7 gsr


would just like to say i now own this car and have had it for over a year, and it is AWESOME :).........

ive had some fun :) and its cool to find out more history about it.
its a car i will be keeping
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