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Well firstly, no I don't know all you need to know, however I am hoping within a week or two, this thread may tell us ;)

Can anyone with such expirience with LPG and Evo's please posts some basic details, I know there are threads on the MLR touching on and covering this, however I am just wanting to gain a quick easy to read reference to the idea of an LPG'd Evo and sure others will appreciate it too :smthumbup

Not bothered about the "why LPG an Evo" or "sounds ****" comments/discussions, not helpful at to me, just some basic facts please :D.

Such as:

- Type of Evo convered
- Cost of coversion
- Where it was done/who by
- Milage since conversion
- Rough milage gained per full tank and cost of full tank
- Any issues so far?

Reason for asking is, I have just hit 10,000 mile on from buying my first LPG'd car (2001 Audi A6 2.7T BiTurbo (twin turbo) Quattro) and I think LPG is the way forward! I am currently getting about 265 mile to a full tank of about 77ltr at 51.9p a litre (about £37ish a tank). Bearing in mind the A6 is just oveer 2 tonnes and also I have a lead foot :mhihi:

I want to come back and buy my fourth Evo, but since I am racking up 500 mile a week, LPG is a must :coolsm:

Any help would be excellent.


Diehard :coolsm:

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Would be nice to have a thread with all information for an lpg'd evo in one place.

I've always been interested in whether or not it would be worthwile financially and whether or not there are any issues with running lpg.

Think I've only really heard of one evo that has had it done which is probably the one above, but I've seen quite a few impreza's that have had it done.

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That was my E7 GTA that I sold to Nads about 18 months ago. The thread will be under my user name most likely when I was going through the conversion, its quite long and goes through all of the info you need to know its fairly comprehensive so happy reading.

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Theres another evo that goes to some of te track days thats had it done to, so thats two I know of, and my mates 2003 Subaru Sti but his valve seat got burnt out after aabout 12 months and needed readjusting but its still going 3 years on, mine was done about 2 years ago poss a bit more and seems to be still going strong.

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Not on the V no cause going to get a deisel for the work miles shortly as V is going to be a weekend car only in about 4 weeks, whereas I used the GTA as an everyday driver. It was worth it and took 8,000k ish to break even on the £1,800 outlay.

Nads will probably be along shortly as I know the majority of the details but he is a turbine engineer and has a more in depth knowledge about the intricate details of the system and timings so as not to lose out on much if any at all power, etc.

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was there not an evo 2 aswell running on LPG ?
close it is a III owned by malcolm of future power lpg.he offered it to us to use on trackdays to get the name out there.on a rolling road it also made more power on lpg than petrol.

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Just wanted to note that I'm defo going LPG soon, my daily driver has been on it for the last 20k( Honda crv ) and to be honest it's been the best money I've spent.
As for all the rubbish about power loss, don't worry as the latest seqential systems are so good,that you will most likely gain a bit.
My evo9 runs about 400bhp And even this output is no problem for modern kits, allthough some high output kits can suffer a bit on the idle side due to the injector size, on some kits twin injectors are sometimes required to give the required ammount of flow.
I will be fitting a brc kit with twin reducers and twin injectors this will give me scope for the next stage of engine mods, as for idle, no prob as it will idle on petrol and hit LPG on pickup. Tried and tested and works!
Some kits swicth over to petrol at a given rpm or boost setting but what's the point of that, and waisting all that lovely 112 octaine. :naughty:
Benifits are seriously reduced engine wear, no bore wash, cleaner spark, faster flame front , etc etc, as for valve seats, not really a problem for us as evos run sodium valve seats , but the new metered and pumped flashlube sorts any worries, yes I will post as the kit goes on, and yes I will be fitting it myself.
Ps, if you have a tephra mod then your alt map can be setup just for the lpg as most kits can cope with around 300 bhp, on a single reducer and injector rail, which will lower the overall cost for the kit, and a press of a button puts back on petrol, its about what you want really.
Cost for the kit about £900, or about £1800/ 2200 fitted.
In the end its just a petrol engine, theres no black art to it.

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I have had lots of people asking me about LPG on my Evo, so thought I'd put all the info in 1 place. This will save my 'typing finger' getting worn out!

Car was converted by previous owner - READ THIS THREAD Cost £1837.64 (inc VAT) - up in Halifax by Autogas 2000 Ltd 01845 523213. I believe they needed it for a few days. The manufacturer is Tartarini - an Italian company.

Swapping over fuels is seamless: It starts on petrol and switches over automatically when engine coolant is at the right temperature to convert the 'liquid gas' back to a gas.
It is possible to select petrol only if required. (you must be mad)

When booting it, petrol is used. It switches automatically at approx 4k RPM
There are systems which use LPG 'full-time' throughout the rev range, but these require bigger injectors, or even 2 injectors per cylinder. Under these circumstances there might be issues with tuning, but I can't comment on this. I know of one guy who has to have 2 separate ECUs - one for each fuel. Mine is a 'piggy-back' system that connects to the Evo injector plugs.

Consumption is slightly more than petrol - for example the injector may be open for 10 milliseconds on petrol, and 12 milliseconds on gas.

Is it worth it? - hell yes, it breaks my heart when I use all the gas and have to go on to petrol - I wouldn't own the car if gas was not an option.

I logged what fuel I used over 1172 miles:
(600 miles on motorway, 200 sensible travel to work on 30-60mph 'A' roads, 300ish thrashing round country lanes, the rest town driving)
Gas = 240L (£130)
Petrol = 32L (£30)

Total spend = £160
Total spend IF used just petrol = £260ish
SAVING = £100

Price per mile is about 13p, my Smart4two is 9p
When I fill the tanks, between 4-8 tanks (40ish Litres) of LPG to 1 tank of petrol. - Depending on driving.

£24 of gas gives me between 160 & 200 miles. (160 motorway [just gas], 200 town/lane/fun [also using petrol when on higher boost])

The only 2 faults I have with it -
1) The filler cap is in the bumper.
2) Tank is not big enough! 48L - maybe getting additional 20L fitted! (Then people may have a 'valid' issue with weight distribution)

The car has done ~14k miles since conversion and is currently ~86k miles on the clock.

48Litre tank in the boot


The injectors/vaporiser (Blue/Red)

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