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Saw a thread on here today on LPG.

Found the following info, clearly not a thing to do for the ultimate bhp junky. But for the high miler maybe worth considering, as anyone any experience of such a conversion?

Liquid Petrolem Gas or LPG is a cleaner, cheaper alternative fuel for petrol-powered internal combustion engines. It is currently the most viable alternative fuel in the UK - Cars converted to run on LPG retain the capacity to use normal unleaded petrol too, becoming dual-fuel or bi-fuel vehicles.
You will save on running costs because a litre of LPG costs as little as half as much as a litre of unleaded. The government has capped tax on LPG until 2004.
LPG conversions can cost as little as £1000 for an older car, but a manufacturer-approved conversion adds between £2000 and £2500.
On cars less than one year old, up to 75 per cent of the conversion cost may be recoverable through Powershift, a government initiative.
LPG can result in a slight drop-off in performance - typically five per cent, which is barely noticeable on the road.
The big problem is there are so few refuelling stations in the UK. However, petrol companies are planning to add more outlets in the near future. BP, for instance, says it will add around 300 in the next 'four to five years'.

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That's old news. You pay a lot of money for the conversion, get less power and then the fuel is cheaper, but you cant find any. SOunds like a typical gvt initiative... Plus here in France, a lot of parking lots do not allow LPG vehicles to park in them! Couldnt be worse...

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Anyone know the person with the white E4 in the Duke video with the LPG conversion?
It would be nice if he was able to give some of his views on his conversion.


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Have recently installed an LPG conversion on a carburettor vehicle , works ok , and if u have Autogas stations locally it's a good money saver.

However , installing a conversion on a modern EFI turbo car is a very involved process , it wud require quite a few mods 2 the vehicle including drilling holes in chassis and body , mods 2 cooling system , wiring , and fuel system and the biggest drawback of all , a f##k off big and heavy LPG tank in yer boot. On an Evo this wud not b a reversable 2 standard install , so it wud leave lots of tell tale evidence which may deter a future buyer who wanted 2 remove the conversion.

It wud also complic8 any future tuning work , as any tuner wud have 2 know and b able 2 modify an LPG system 2 increase power , basically it wud increase the cost of any such work.

The best application 4 an LPG conversion is a modern turbo diesel used as a commuter , u get more power and torque and reduced fuel consumption , the oil stays clean instead of going black as on a standard diesel , so the engine lasts longer .

Bladdy sinful on an Evo !
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