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Has any Evo 5,6 owner lowered their car yet?? I heard that when you lower the car, something would not be very good as in some part of the car will hit some other part of the car.....anyone has these kind of things happening to their car after fitting springs??

Is only changing the spring good for the shocks? i know standard shocks usually can't stand the additional pressure from lowered springs but i am thinking that standard shocks on the evo is not that 'standard'.

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Yep lowered and most of the other evo's around me have too !

There are basically 3 options.
1 HKS progressive springs in 32/14 or 36/15.
2 Eibach progressive which are *I think* 30/15.
3. Leda Springs. Which are the same as the standard springs, just a little lower appx 30 / 14.

On the cost front the HKS are the most expensive with the Eibach being the cheapest if you buy them from Dragon autosport (Coord do the same spring with a ralliart logo on for about double the price.

I personally went for the HKS (36/15) and the difference in the car is stunning, right back to when you first picked the car up and 'drive'. The turn in is MUCH inproved and you can now *Really* feel the tyres working. Plus the car looks much better with the massive space removed from the front.

The total lowering of my car at the front is appx 40mm lower, and as yet have not caused any spped bump etc problems with my HKS exhaust either. However the Blitz exhaust follows a literally straight path back and could ground on a high surface.

Fitting will take about 3 hours and the car WILL have to be re-aligned and tracked.

Downside, well after having my car done I completley trashed my tyres (SO1's) because of the ability to puch soooo hard into corners and slide in the wet ! Plus you can feel the AYC working now ..

I dont't know where in the country you are but I got mine fitted at Steve Hill motorsport @ 30ph labour (Who now do all my servicing on the car) but there are numerous other places to get it done. Any questions please ask or email off-line.



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I f you lower your evo to much . You might need to change you Drive shaft to a shorter one .some Evo owner lowered their car and heard some noise .like hitting some thing metal in the bottom of the car !!

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